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Requests Change to Tech Spec SR 5.4.1 to Delete Item C Re Pulse Testing One Ultrasonic Channel W/One Ultrasonic & Two Pressure Channels Tripped.Item Is Redundant W/Item B in Determining Logic Circuit Operability
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Site: Fort Saint Vrain Xcel Energy icon.png
Issue date: 11/12/1980
From: Warembourg D
To: Kuzmycz G
Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation
Download: ML19343B069 (2)


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j 16805 ROAD 19%

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November 12; 1980 For; St. Veain Unit'No. ly 4

P-80399 N




Mr. George Kuzcr/cs, Project Manager



, U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission- M  ;

Di"ision Project Management E [ i .

Special Projects l] 3.j Washington, D. C. 20555 Docket No. g-267 O


Fort St. Vrain Unit No. 1 Technical Specification SR 5.h.1

Dear Mr. Kusnyc:


  • As presently writter the surveillance test requirements for the Steas
Pipe Rupture System listel under Item 2, Table 5.h-2 of SR 5.h.1 requires several checks, tests, and callorations. We have and c,;ntinue to experience problems with Ites C. , which calls for pulse terting one ,

ultrasonic channel with one ultrasonic channel tripped and two pressure channels tripped.

As you are aware the protective circuitry for. the Steam Pipe Rupture Logic System is set up for loop isolation en the basis of 2/3 ultra-sonic channels tripped in combination with 2/3 pressure or temperature i trips-inside or cutside the PCRV. Under Item C. We set up the 2/3 logia condition for pressure and trip one ultrasonic channel which sets us up for loop isolation and reactor scram should we receive any spurious signal from another ultrasonic channel. Due to the


noise sensitivity problem, experienced with the ultrasonic system, we j find that we have experienced loop isolation and reactor scram on


j several occassions while conducting this particular phase of the j required surveillance test program due to spurious noise.

The function under Item C is redundant in terms of deter =ining opera-bility of the logic circuitry for the Steam Pipe Rupture System because

the logic circuitry operability is verified under Item 3 of this same Technical Specification. lThe test under Item 3, however, is not as prone-to spurious signals and trips.

On the basis of the redundancy of Items 3 and C, and the unnecessary plant transients introduced by Item C, Item C should be deleted from ,

the Technical Specifications. These tests are conducted =enthly with l

the next test due on November 17, 1980. On this basis it is essential f that we obtain Technical Specification relief as soon as pessible.


sansso gy



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George Kuzrye: P-80399 If you have any questions or require any further information please contact Mr. Bill Franek, 303-571-7k36. Your immediate attention to this matter vill be appreciated.

Yours very truly,

. . . ;.. rra Don W. Ware:iocurg

'anager, 'Tuclear Production Fort St. Vrain :Tuclear Generating Station DW/dkm