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Forwards, Mark I Containment Long-Term Program Plant Unique Analysis Rept-Suppl. Rept Addresses safety-relief Valve Discharge Line Drywell Supports,Torus Attached Piping & Supports,Valves,Pumps & Torus Shell Nozzles
Person / Time
Site: Hatch Southern Nuclear icon.png
Issue date: 02/28/1983
From: Gucwa L
To: Stolz J
Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation
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ML20071C378 List:
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Georg:a Power Company 333 Pedmont Averroc Attanta. Georgia 30308 .

. Tetephone 404 526-65id Masng Address. ,

Post Omco Box 4545 Atlanta. Georg,a 30302 Georgia Power Power Generation Department D- $

February 28, 1983 Director of Nuclear Reactor Regulation Attention: Mr. John F. Stolz, Chief Operating Rectors Branch No. 4 Division of Licensing U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Washington, D. C. 20555 NRC DOCKET 50-321, 50-366 OPERATING LICENSE DPR-57,tPF EDWIN I. HATCH NUCLEAR PLANT UNIT 1, 2 SUBMITTAL OF MARK I CONTAIPMENT LONG-TERM PROGRAM PLANT UNIQUE ANALYSIS REPORT SUPPLEMENT Gentlemen: x Pursuant to the requirements of an " Order for Modification and Grant of Extension of Exception" dated January 19,~ 1982, and as noted in our letter of January 26, 1983, Georgia Power Company hereby submits 20 copies of the Supplements to the Edwin I. Hatch Nuclear Plant - Unit 1 and Unit 2 Plant Unique Analysis Reports addressing the safety relief valve discharge line drywell supports, torus-attached piping and supports, valves, pumps, and' torus shell nozzles.

Very truly yours,

/ ?~ 4G2 1:

L. T. Gucwa Chief Nuclear Engineer WEB /rao


(20 copies for each unit) xc: J. T. Beckham, Jr.

H. C. Nix, Jr. j J. P. O'Reilly (NRC- Region II)

Senior Resident Inspector ,

O Or

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