IR 05000395/2023003

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Integrated Inspection Report 05000395/2023003
Person / Time
Site: Summer South Carolina Electric & Gas Company icon.png
Issue date: 11/01/2023
From: David Dumbacher
Division Reactor Projects II
To: Carr E
Dominion Energy Co
IR 2023003
Download: ML23305A142 (1)


November 1, 2023




Eric Carr:

On September 30, 2023, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) completed an inspection at Virgil C. Summer Nuclear Station. On October 12, 2023, the NRC inspectors discussed the results of this inspection with Mr. Robert Justice, Site Vice President, and other members of your staff. The results of this inspection are documented in the enclosed report.

No findings or violations of more than minor significance were identified during this inspection.

This letter, its enclosure, and your response (if any) will be made available for public inspection and copying at and at the NRC Public Document Room in accordance with Title 10 of the Code of Federal Regulations 2.390, Public Inspections, Exemptions, Requests for Withholding.

Sincerely, Signed by Dumbacher, David on 11/01/23 David E. Dumbacher, Chief Reactor Projects Branch 3 Division of Reactor Projects Docket No. 05000395 License No. NPF-12


As stated

Inspection Report

Docket Number: 05000395 License Number: NPF-12 Report Number: 05000395/2023003 Enterprise Identifier: I-2023-003-0043 Licensee: Dominion Energy Facility: Virgil C. Summer Nuclear Station Location: Jenkinsville, SC Inspection Dates: July 01, 2023, to September 30, 2023 Inspectors: S. Battenfield, Operations Engineer B. Bishop, Senior Project Engineer B. Caballero, Senior Operations Engineer J. Hamman, Senior Project Engineer J. Hickey, Senior Project Engineer T. McGowan, Senior Resident Inspector P. Meier, Senior Resident Inspector M. Read, Senior Resident Inspector E. Rosario, Resident Inspector J. Zeiler, Senior Resident Inspector Approved By: David E. Dumbacher, Chief Reactor Projects Branch 3 Division of Reactor Projects Enclosure


The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) continued monitoring the licensees performance by conducting an integrated inspection at Virgil C. Summer Nuclear Station, in accordance with the Reactor Oversight Process. The Reactor Oversight Process is the NRCs program for overseeing the safe operation of commercial nuclear power reactors. Refer to for more information.

List of Findings and Violations

No findings or violations of more than minor significance were identified.

Additional Tracking Items



The unit operated at or near rated thermal power for the entire inspection period.


Inspections were conducted using the appropriate portions of the inspection procedures (IPs) in effect at the beginning of the inspection unless otherwise noted. Currently approved IPs with their attached revision histories are located on the public website at Samples were declared complete when the IP requirements most appropriate to the inspection activity were met consistent with Inspection Manual Chapter (IMC) 2515, Light-Water Reactor Inspection Program - Operations Phase. The inspectors performed activities described in IMC 2515, Appendix D, Plant Status, observed risk significant activities, and completed on-site portions of IPs. The inspectors reviewed selected procedures and records, observed activities, and interviewed personnel to assess licensee performance and compliance with Commission rules and regulations, license conditions, site procedures, and standards.


71111.01 - Adverse Weather Protection

Impending Severe Weather Sample (IP Section 03.02) (1 Sample)

(1) The inspectors evaluated the adequacy of the overall preparations to protect risk-significant systems from impending severe weather associated with Hurricane Idalia on August 30, 2023.

71111.04 - Equipment Alignment

Partial Walkdown Sample (IP Section 03.01) (2 Samples)

The inspectors evaluated system configurations during partial walkdowns of the following systems/trains:

(1) Safety-related chilled water system in the control building on July 11, 2023
(2) 'A' emergency diesel generator system on July 12, 2023

71111.05 - Fire Protection

Fire Area Walkdown and Inspection Sample (IP Section 03.01) (5 Samples)

The inspectors evaluated the implementation of the fire protection program by conducting a walkdown and performing a review to verify program compliance, equipment functionality, material condition, and operational readiness of the following fire areas:

(1) Control building elevation 425 feet on August 1, 2023
(2) Control building elevation 448 feet on August 2, 2023
(3) Control building elevation 463 feet on August 8, 2023
(4) Intermediate building elevation 412 feet on August 9, 2023
(5) Intermediate building elevation 436 feet on September 13, 2023

Fire Brigade Drill Performance Sample (IP Section 03.02) (1 Sample)

(1) The inspectors evaluated the onsite fire brigade training and performance during an unannounced fire drill on September 27, 2023.

71111.11B - Licensed Operator Requalification Program and Licensed Operator Performance

Licensed Operator Requalification Program (IP Section 03.04) (1 Sample)

Licensed Operator Requalification Program (IP Section 03.04)

The inspectors completed an inspection to verify the licensees ability to evaluate the performance of their licensed operators during the conduct of examinations, to assess their ability to properly develop and administer requalification annual operating tests and biennial written examinations, to evaluate the performance of the control room simulator and their testing and maintenance of the simulator, to ensure that licensed individuals satisfy the conditions of their licenses, and to assess their effectiveness in ensuring that operator license conditions are satisfied.

(1) Biennial Requalification Written Examinations The inspectors evaluated the quality of the licensed operator biennial requalification written examination administered on August 3, 2023.

Annual Requalification Operating Tests The inspectors evaluated the adequacy of the facility licensees annual requalification operating test.

Administration of an Annual Requalification Operating Test The inspectors evaluated the effectiveness of the facility licensee in administering requalification operating tests required by 10 CFR 55.59(a)(2) and that the facility licensee is effectively evaluating their licensed operators for mastery of training objectives.

Requalification Examination Security The inspectors evaluated the ability of the facility licensee to safeguard examination material, such that the examination is not compromised.

Remedial Training and Re-examinations The inspectors evaluated the effectiveness of remedial training conducted by the licensee, and reviewed the adequacy of re-examinations for licensed operators who did not pass a required requalification examination.

Operator License Conditions The inspectors evaluated the licensees program for ensuring that licensed operators meet the conditions of their licenses.

Control Room Simulator The inspectors evaluated the adequacy of the facility licensees control room simulator in modeling the actual plant, and for meeting the requirements contained in 10 CFR 55.46.

71111.11Q - Licensed Operator Requalification Program and Licensed Operator Performance

Licensed Operator Performance in the Actual Plant/Main Control Room (IP Section 03.01)

(1 Sample)

(1) The inspectors observed and evaluated licensed operator performance in the main control room during boration and auto makeup to the volume control tank on July 30, 2023.

71111.12 - Maintenance Effectiveness

Maintenance Effectiveness (IP Section 03.01) (1 Sample 1 Partial)

The inspectors evaluated the effectiveness of maintenance to ensure the following structures, systems, and components remain capable of performing their intended function:

(1) Effectiveness of maintenance rule (a)(1) action plans to address failures of reactor building atmosphere (gaseous) radiation monitor (RM-A2), review completed on August 17, 2023 (2) (Partial)

Chiller compressor replacement and degraded condition of HVAC system mechanical water chiller 'B' on September 19, 2023

71111.13 - Maintenance Risk Assessments and Emergent Work Control

Risk Assessment and Management Sample (IP Section 03.01) (2 Samples)

The inspectors evaluated the accuracy and completeness of risk assessments for the following planned and emergent work activities to ensure configuration changes and appropriate work controls were addressed:

(1) Elevated risk during maintenance on the 'A' motor-driven emergency feedwater pump on August 15, 2023
(2) Elevated risk during a drain line repair on the 'A' reactor building spray pump on September 11, 2023 (WO 88201711262)

71111.15 - Operability Determinations and Functionality Assessments

Operability Determination or Functionality Assessment (IP Section 03.01) (8 Samples)

The inspectors evaluated the licensee's justifications and actions associated with the following operability determinations and functionality assessments:

(1) Condition report (CR) 1232275, 'C' chiller test acceptance criteria not met, review completed on July 6, 2023
(2) CR 1223382, 'B' steam generator turbine driven emergency feedwater pump flow control valve (IFV03546-EF) failed required closing stroke time, review completed on August 18, 2023
(3) CR 1234242, low megger reading on three NAOH spray system heat tracing control panel 'B' circuits, performed on August 22, 2023
(4) CR 1234402, diesel fire pump heat exchanger coolant leak, performed on August 24, 2023
(5) CR 1234895, reactor building sump level increase during pumping evolution to RHUT
  1. 1, performed on August 25, 2023
(6) CR 1236885, dry boric acid identified on the drain line socket weld coming from the

'A' reactor building spray pump casing, on September 2, 2023

(7) CR 1235165, 'A' emergency diesel generator jacket water heat exchanger thermal performance testing anomaly, completed sample on September 6, 2023
(8) CR 1235171, APN41014 back up pressurizer heater panel hot spots, completed sample on September 7, 2023

71111.24 - Testing and Maintenance of Equipment Important to Risk

The inspectors evaluated the following testing and maintenance activities to verify system

operability and/or functionality: Post-Maintenance Testing (PMT) (IP Section 03.01)

(1) STP-220.001A-XPP0021B, 'B' MDEFW Pump Test, following scheduled maintenance on August 3, 2023
(2) SOP-211, Emergency Feedwater System,Section III.A., for operating the 'A' MDEFW pump, following preventive maintenance activities on August 15, 2023
(3) SOP-220, Station and Backup Instrument Air Systems,Section III.B., for operating the 'A' instrument air compressor, following emergent maintenance repairs on August 17, 2023
(4) WO 88201711267, 'A' reactor building spray pump, following a pump casing discharge side drain line repair on September 12, 2023
(5) SOP-102, Chemical and Volume Control System,Section III.B, for operating the 'A' charging pump, following planned maintenance on September 14, 2023

Surveillance Testing (IP Section 03.01) (3 Samples)

(1) STP-125.013A, 'A' Emergency Diesel Generator Semiannual Testing, on July 12, 2023
(2) PTP-102.001, Main Turbine Trip Test, on August 21, 2023
(3) STP-125.002B, Diesel Generator 'B' Operability Test, on September 20, 2023

Reactor Coolant System Leakage Detection Testing (IP Section 03.01) (1 Sample)

(1) Operational leakage issue due to suspect results during the leak rate calculation, identified on September 7, 2023

Diverse and Flexible Coping Strategies (FLEX) Testing (IP Section 03.02) (1 Sample)

(1) ERMP-100.003, Quarterly Diesel Start and Minor Maintenance, on September 27, 2023

71114.06 - Drill Evaluation

Select Emergency Preparedness Drills and/or Training for Observation (IP Section 03.01)

(1 Sample)

(1) On July 19, 2023, the inspectors observed the D-ERO team perform an emergency preparedness drill, which contained various events leading the station to declare a general emergency (FG1.1).

Drill/Training Evolution Observation (IP Section 03.02) (2 Samples)

The inspectors assessed:

(1) Shift B crew in the simulator as an emergency preparedness drill, using simulator exercise guide (SEG# O-LOR-SIM-SA-035R), on July 26, 2023
(2) Shift C crew in the simulator as an emergency preparedness drill, using simulator exercise guide (SEG# O-LOR-SIM-SA-082R), on August 01,


===71151 - Performance Indicator Verification The inspectors verified licensee performance indicators submittals listed below:

MS06: Emergency AC Power Systems (IP Section 02.05) ===

(1) Unit 1 (July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023)

MS07: High Pressure Injection Systems (IP Section 02.06) (1 Sample)

(1) Unit 1 (July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023)

MS09: Residual Heat Removal Systems (IP Section 02.08) (1 Sample)

(1) Unit 1 (July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023)

71152S - Semiannual Trend Problem Identification and Resolution Semiannual Trend Review (Section 03.02)

(1) The inspectors reviewed the licensees corrective action program for potential adverse trends in chillers failing to start or run that might be indicative of a more significant safety issue. The review was completed on June 22,


No findings were identified.


The inspectors verified no proprietary information was retained or documented in this report.

  • On October 12, 2023, the inspectors presented the integrated inspection results to Mr.

Robert Justice, Site Vice President, and other members of the licensee staff.


Inspection Type Designation Description or Title Revision or

Procedure Date

71111.01 Corrective Action CR 1236667 Potential Missile Hazards Identified by NRC During Plant 08/30/2023

Documents Walkdown in Preparation for Hurricane Idalia

Resulting from


Procedures EPP-0015 Natural Emergency Rev. 2

GMP-100.032 Switchyard Severe Weather Preparation Rev. 0

OAP-109.1 Guidelines for Severe Weather Rev. 6

71111.05 Fire Plans FP1CB-412 Control Building (Elevation 412) Rev. 3

FP1CB-425 Control Building (Elevation 425) Rev. 4

FP1CB-463 Control Building (Elevation 463) Rev. 4

FP1IB-412 Intermediate Building (Elevation 412) Rev. 6

Procedures SI-AA-115 Conduct of Fire Drills Rev. 8

71111.11Q Procedures SOP-106 Reactor Water Makeup Rev. 12

71111.12 Corrective Action CR 1233584 HVAC System Mechanical Water Chiller 'B' Tripped 07/19/2023

Documents CR 1233630 'B' Chiller Making Unusual Loud Noise Upon Starting 07/20/2023

Engineering VC-23-00021 'B' Chiller Compressor Replacement Rev. 0


Work Orders 88201712195 PTP-113.002B, HVAC Chiller 'B' Post Maintenance 09/19/2023

Performance Test

71111.24 Corrective Action CR 1237159 Suspect Flag During Performance of STP-114.002 09/07/2023

Documents Operational Leakage Calculation

CR 1238833 FX Aluma Base Station and Portable Radio Tower 09/25/2023

(XMT0001) Tire Needing Replacement

Procedures EMP-295.015 Charging Pump Motor Maintenance Rev. 10

ERMP-100.003 FX Aluma Base Station and Portable Radio Tower Rev. 3

Preventive Maintenance

ERMP-100.011 FX 1MW Combustion Turbine Generator Preventive Rev. 4


STP-125.002B Diesel Generator 'B' Operability Test Rev. 3

Work Orders 88101029504 Perform Ten Year Inspection on Charging Pump 'A' Motor Rev. 0

71114.06 Miscellaneous O-LOR-SIM-SA- Simulator Exercise Guide 07/26/2023


Inspection Type Designation Description or Title Revision or

Procedure Date

O-LOR-SIM-SA- Simulator Exercise Guide 08/01/2023


Procedures EP-AA-500 Conduct of Drills and Exercises Rev. 0

Self-Assessments VMAY23TD VC Summer Training Drill (D-ERO Drill Team) Rev. 0

71151 Miscellaneous TR-03300-001 NRC Mitigating Systems Performance Index (MSPI) Basis Rev. 11