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Regarding Depressurization of the 'C' Steam Line Creating a Differential Pressure Greater than 97 PSIG Between the Steam Lines, Initiating a Safety Injection
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Issue date: 06/30/2011
From: Gatlin T
South Carolina Electric & Gas Co
Document Control Desk, Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation
SPR 2011-002
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Thomas D. Gatlin Vice President,Nuclear Operations 803.345.4342 June 30, 2011 A SCANA COMPANY Document Control Desk U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Washington, DC 20555

Dear Sir / Madam:


VIRGIL C. SUMMER NUCLEAR STATION (VCSNS) UNIT 1 DOCKET NO. 50/395 OPERATING LICENSE NO. NPF-12 SPECIAL REPORT (SPR) 2011-002 South Carolina Electric & Gas Company (SCE&G) is submitting this Special Report pursuant to the requirements of Technical Specifications 3.5.2, "ECCS Subsystems - Tave a 3500 F." On May 27, 2011, the plant was in Mode 3 during startup from a refueling outage with the Main Steam Isolation Valves (MSIVs) closed. A Safety Injection (SI) occurred when the 'C' MSIV was opened with the downstream steam header depressurized. The resulting steam flow depressurized the 'C' steam line creating a differential pressure greater than 97 PSIG between the steam lines, initiating a safety injection. All plant systems functioned as designed and injected water into the Reactor Coolant System. The SI was secured, and the plant was stabilized in Mode 3. There was no equipment damage as a result of the SI. This event represents the eighth ECCS Actuation cycle to date for the Virgil C. Summer Nuclear Station.

The cumulative usage factor for the Safety Injection nozzles did not exceed 0.70.

Should you have any questions, please call Bruce Thompson at (803) 931-5042 at your convenience.

Very truly yours, Thomas D. Gatlin JW/TDG/wm c: K. B. Marsh R. E. Martin S. A. Byrne NRC Resident Inspector J. B. Archie INPO Records Center N. S. Cams K. M. Sutton J. H. Hamilton NSRC R. J. White RTS (CR-11-03001)

W. M. Cherry File (818.08)

V. M. McCree PRSF (RC-11-0101)

Virgil C.Summer Station . Post Office Box 88 . Jenkinsville, SC - 29065 - T(803) 345-5209

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