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(Vcsns), Unit 1, Correction of Typographical Error in License Amendment Request - Inverter Allowed Outage Time (AOT) Extension
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Site: Summer South Carolina Electric & Gas Company icon.png
Issue date: 11/28/2023
From: James Holloway
Dominion Energy South Carolina
Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Document Control Desk
Download: ML23332A194 (2)



Dominion Energy South Carolina. Inc.

5000 Dominion Boulevard, Glen Allen. VA 23060 i@ 14 Dominion November 28, 2023 j...,,. Energy Attn: Document Control Desk Serial No.: 23-177a U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission NRANG: RO Washington, DC 20555-0001 Docket No. : 50-395 License No.: NPF-12 DOMINION ENERGY SOUTH CAROLINA (DESC)


- INVERTER ALLOWED OUTAGE TIME (AOT) EXTENSION Pursuant to the provisions of Title 10 of the Code of Federal Regulations ( 10 CFR Part 50.90),* Dominion Energy South Carolina (DESC) submitted a License Amendment Request (LAR) for Virgil C. Summer Nuclear Station (VCSNS) Unit 1 proposing an extension to inverter allowed outage time (AOT), ADMAS Accession No. ML23317A224.

A typographical error was identified in Attachment 1 of the subject LAR. Specifically, in to the LAR, page 21 of 29, Table 3.2.1 - 2 "~LERFAvE and ICLERP", the seismic value for XIT5904 should be 7 .65E-09 instead of the 7 .65E-02 shown.

In accordance with 10 CFR 50.91, "Notice for Public Comment; State Consultation," a copy of this letter is being provided to the designated South Carolina State Official.

Should you have any questions, please contact Yan Gao at (804)273-2768.

Re*a::~ ~

Jamel~-- Holloway Vice President- Nuclear Engineering and Fleet Support

.Commitments made in this letter: None.

JlAJE H HOUGH NOTARY PUBLIC 8CMNS994 COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA COMMONWW.TH OF VIRGINIA COUNTY OF HENRICO tit COMMISSION EXPIRES 09--3()-,2027 The foregoing document was acknowledged before me, in and for the County and Commonwealth aforesaid, today by James E. Holloway, who is Vice President - Nuclear Engineering and Fleet Support of Dominion Energy South Carolina, Inc. He has affirmed before me that he is duly authorized to execute and file the foregoing document on behalf of that Company, and that the statements in the document are true to the best of his knowledge and belief.

Acknowledged before me this ~ day of t'-JOvc:n'lk:>e-,2023.

My Commission Expires: C\\-?,ol.zOZ?

Serial No. 23-177a Docket No. 50-395 Page 2 of 2 cc:

  • U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Region II Marquis One Tower 245 Peachtree Center Avenue, NE Suite 1200 Atlanta, Georgia 30303-1257 Mr. G. Edward Miller NRG Senior Project Manager U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission One White Flint North Mail Stop 09 E-3 11555 Rockville Pike Rockville, Maryland 20852-2738 NRC Senior Resident Inspector V.C. Summer Nuclear Station Ms. Robin S. Mark Bureau of Environmental Health Services South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control 8500 Farrow Road - Building 17 Columbia, SC 29203 Mr. G. J. Lindamood Santee Cooper - Nuclear Coordinator 1 Riverwood Drive Moncks Corner, SC 29461