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Request for FEMA Consultation on the Dominion Energy Proposal to Consolidate the Emergency Operations Facility for the Virgil C. Summer Nuclear Station Unit 1
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Site: Summer South Carolina Electric & Gas Company icon.png
Issue date: 08/25/2023
From: Warnock T
US Dept of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency
To: Mike Norris
Download: ML23243B036 (1)


U.S. Department of Homeland Security Washington, DC 20472 August 25, 2023 Mr. Michael Norris, Chief (Acting)

Operating Reactors Licensing Outreach Branch Division of Preparedness and Response Office of the Nuclear Security and Incident Response U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Washington, D.C. 20555 Re: REQUEST FOR FEDERAL EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AGENCY CONSULTATION ON THE DOMINION ENERGY PROPOSAL TO CONSOLIDATE THE EMERGENCY OPERATIONS FACILITY FOR THE VIRGIL C. SUMMER NUCLEAR STATION UNIT 1

Dear Mr. Norris:

The FEMA Radiological Emergency Preparedness (REP) Program received your letter dated July 6, 2023, requesting FEMA's consultation of the Dominion Energy South Carolina (DESC) June 8, 2023, request to NRC for a license amendment approval to the Virgil C. Summer Nuclear Station (VCSNS) Unit 1 Emergency Plan. DESC proposes to replace the existing VCSNS near-site Emergency Operations Facility (EOF), and the Joint Information Center (JIC) from Ballentine, South Carolina and West Columbia, South Carolina, respectively, to the Dominion Energy Corporate Emergency Response Center in Glen Allen, Virginia.

The FEMA Region 4 REP staff and HQ reviewed the proposed consolidations of the EOF/JIC to determine the adequacy of offsite radiological emergency plans and preparedness. FEMA finds that with minor adjustments (outlined in the FEMA Region 4 enclosure) the offsite plans and procedures are not negatively impacted by the proposed changes.

If you have any question, please contact myself at 202-657-2301 or Craig Fiore at 202-280-9303.

Sincerely, for Thomas K. Warnock Chief Radiological Emergency Preparedness Branch Enclosed:

Region 4 Response Memorandum cc:

Catherine Nolan Kevin Wells