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Requalification Program Inspection Virgil C. Summer Nuclear Station Unit 1 - 05000395/2023003
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Site: Summer South Carolina Electric & Gas Company icon.png
Issue date: 06/05/2023
From: Tom Stephen
To: Ryan Justice
South Carolina Electric & Gas Co
IR 2023003
Download: ML23156A309 (8)

See also: IR 05000395/2023003


June 5, 2023

Mr. Robert Justice, Vice President

Nuclear Operations

South Carolina Electric & Gas Company

Virgil C. Summer Nuclear Station

P.O. Box 88, Mail Code 800

Jenkinsville, SC 29065


NUCLEAR STATION UNIT 1 - 05000395/2023003

Dear Mr. Robert Justice:

In a telephone conversation on June 1, 2023, Mr. Shane Battenfield, Operations Engineer, and

Ms. Lesley Ainsworth, Supervisor Nuclear Training, made arrangements for the Nuclear

Regulatory Commission (NRC) to inspect the licensed operator requalification program at the

Summer Nuclear Station Unit 1. The inspection is planned for the week of August 7, 2023,

which coincides with your regularly scheduled requalification examination cycle. The staff at

your facility should prepare and conduct the requalification examinations in accordance with

your NRC-approved requalification program. It is our understanding that you have committed to

maintain your plant-referenced simulator in accordance with ANSI/ANS-3.5-2009, American

National Standard for Nuclear Power Plant Simulators for Use in Operator Training and

Examination, and that you have also committed to ANSI/ANS-3.4-2013, Medical Certification

and Monitoring of Personnel Requiring Operator Licenses for Nuclear Power Plants.

In accordance with 10 CFR 55.59, the NRC has requested that you submit the material as

specified in paragraph A of the Enclosure, to support the NRC's in-office inspection program

needs. The NRC has further requested that you have all items as specified in paragraph B of

the Enclosure available for review for the inspectors on the first day they arrive on site. Ms.

Ainsworth has been advised of this request and provided with the name of the NRC lead

inspector assigned to this inspection and the methodology to electronically transfer materials

has been coordinated.

This letter contains information collections that are subject to the Paperwork Reduction Act of

1995 (44 U.S.C. 3501 et seq.). These information collections were approved by the Office of

Management and Budget, approval number Part 55 (3150-0018).

The public reporting burden for this collection of information is estimated to average 16 hours1.851852e-4 days <br />0.00444 hours <br />2.645503e-5 weeks <br />6.088e-6 months <br />

per response, including the time for reviewing instructions, gathering and maintaining the data

needed, and completing and reviewing the collection of information. Send comments on any

aspect of this collection of information, including suggestions for reducing the burden, to the

Information and Records Management Branch (T-6 F33), U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission,

Washington, DC 20555-0001, or by Internet electronic mail at;

and to the Desk Officer, Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, NEOB-10202, (3150-

0101), Office of Management and Budget, Washington, DC 20503

R. Justice 2

The NRC may not conduct or sponsor, and a person is not required to respond to, a collection

of information unless it displays a currently valid OMB approval number.

In accordance with 10 . CFR 2.390 of the NRCs Rules of Practice, a copy of this letter and its

enclosure will be available electronically for public inspection in the NRC Public Document

Room or from the Publicly Available Records (PARS) component of NRCs document system

(ADAMS). ADAMS is accessible from the NRC Web site at

rm/adams.html. (The Public Electronic Reading Room).

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. If you have any questions regarding this

inspection please contact Mr. Battenfield at (404) 997-4650, (Internet E-mail:, or me at (404) 997-4703, (Internet E-mail:



Thomas A. Stephen, Chief

Operations Branch 1

Division of Reactor Safety

Docket Nos.: 50-395

License Nos.: NPF-12

Enclosure: Materials Request List

cc: Distribution via Listserv



NAME DEgelstad SBattenfield TStephen

DATE 06/05/2023 06/05/2023 06/05/2023

Materials Request List

The items listed below are necessary to support the Licensed Operator Requalification Program

Inspection (IP-71111.11) in August 2023 at the Summer Nuclear Station Unit 1. Items listed

under In-office inspection material must be received in the NRC Region II office by the due

dates specified below. Items listed under On-site inspection material should be ready for

review upon arrival of the inspectors on August 7, 2023.

A. In-office inspection material due by July 17,2023:

1. List of all licensed individuals (active and inactive; RO and SRO) including license


2. Organizational Chart for the training department, including the simulator fidelity staff,

with phone number/email contact information.

3. Weekly examination schedules for the weeks that the 2023 annual operating exams will

be administered, including a list of personnel scheduled for testing the week of August 7,


4. Site procedure(s) governing the conduct (process and content) of license operator

requalification training (classroom & simulator), examination development/administration,

remedial training, and examination security.

5. Site procedure(s) governing simulator configuration control, maintenance, and fidelity

testing methods used to fulfill ANSI/ANS 3.5-2009 requirements.

6. All JPMs that will be administered during the annual operating test that have been

approved for use, including spreadsheets or outlines that show the usage of all JPMs in

the 2023 annual operating test weeks (Inspectors may request, later, additional exam

items from remaining 2023 exam weeks). EXAM SECURITY ITEM

7. All simulator scenarios that will be administered during the annual operating test that

have been approved for use, including spreadsheets or outlines that show the usage of

all scenarios in the 2023 annual operating test weeks (Inspectors may request, later,

additional exam items from remaining 2023 exam weeks). EXAM SECURITY ITEM.

8. All written examinations administered during the biennial written exam cycle that are

approved for use, answer keys (original and final), re-take examinations, and

spreadsheets or outlines that show the usage of all written questions including on the

different versions of these written examinations. (Inspectors may request, later,

additional exam items from remaining 2023 exam weeks). EXAM SECURITY ITEM

9. Self-assessment reports, condition reports, and/or Licensee Event Reports, written since

the last biennial requalification inspection (2021), which document operator errors or

performance problems which occurred in the actual plant/main control room, including

the corrective actions and if these issues were incorporated into requalification training.

Enclosure 1

B. On-site inspection material due by August 7, 2023:

1. Requalification training attendance records for the current two-year biennial training

cycle along with an overall schedule of the facility licensees requalification program

since the last biennial inspection (cycle weeks, training topics, etc.).

2. Licensed operator pass/fail statistics for any NRC-required requalification examination

that has been completed since last requalification inspection (weekly operating & written


3. Copies of the simulator scenarios for the inspectors to observe the operating crews and

evaluators the week of August 7, 2023.

4. All remedial training documentation for any licensed operator that failed any NRC-

required examination since the last requalification inspection.

5. List of all operators that reactivated their licenses since the last requalification


6. Records that support verification of time on shift under instruction and complete plant

tours for both the reactivating operator and the supervising active license since the last

requalification inspection, including:

a. Documentation of time on shift under instruction.

b. Security system and HP/dosimetry records for plant areas toured by reactivating

individual and accompanying licensed operator.

7. Records providing documentation of maintenance of active license status (time on shift)

for all licensed operators since last requalification inspection.

8. Medical records for a sample of licensed (active and inactive) operators. The list of

names for the sample will be provided by the lead inspector prior to arrival at Summer.

9. A list and descriptions of any examination security problems since the last biennial

inspection (likely documented in training department condition/problem identification


10. Simulator maintenance and testing records, including:

a. List of all open simulator discrepancies

b. List of all simulator discrepancies closed within the past 12 months

c. List of simulator performance tests

d. Simulator performance testing records and associated documentation