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V. C. Summer, Unit 1, Submittal of Special Report (Spr) 2011-001 Re Control Building Fire/Pressure Door (DRCB/102) Being Inoperable for Greater than Seven Days Prior to Completing Repair of the Door
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Issue date: 04/25/2011
From: Gatlin T
SCANA Corp, South Carolina Electric & Gas Co
Document Control Desk, Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation
SPR 2011-001
Download: ML11117A304 (1)


Thomas D. Gatlin Vice President,Nuclear Operations 803.345.4342 April 25, 2011 A SCANA COMPANY Document Control Desk U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Washington, DC 20555

Dear Sir / Madam:


VIRGIL C. SUMMER NUCLEAR STATION (VCSNS) UNIT 1 DOCKET NO. 50/395 OPERATING LICENSE NO. NPF-12 SPECIAL REPORT (SPR) 2011-001 South Carolina Electric & Gas Company (SCE&G) is submitting this Special Report pursuant to the requirements of Technical Specifications 6.9.2 and Fire Protection Procedure (FPP)-025, "Fire Containment," Section 4.2 and Enclosure 6.6. This report addresses Control Building Fire/Pressure Door (DRCB/102) being inoperable for greater than seven days prior to completing repair of the door.

On March 21, 2011, DRCB/102 was noted as being inoperable when the door did not latch properly during use. The door was entered into the station's corrective action program under CR-1 1-01278 and CR-11-01367. Repair of the door was not completed until March 30, 2011, which is outside the seven-day limitation of the VCSNS Fire Protection Program.

A roving fire watch was established and auxiliary steam to the Auxiliary Building was tagged out to remove the need for the door to function as a steam propagation barrier on March 21, 2011.

These measures remained in effect until the repairs were completed and the door was made operable on March 30, 2011.

Should you have any questions, please call Bruce Thompson at (803) 931-5042 at your convenience.

Very truly yours, Thomas D. Gatlin TS/TDG/gr c: K. B. Marsh R. E. Martin S. A. Byrne NRC Resident Inspector J. B. Archie INPO Records Center N. S. Cams K. M. Sutton J. H. Hamilton NSRC R. J. White RTS (CR-11-01278 and CR-11-01367)

W. M. Cherry File (818.08)

V. M. McCree PRSF (RC-11-0061)

Virgil C.Summer Station

  • Post Office Box 88 *Jenkinsville, SC *29065 -T(803) 345-5209