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Subsequent License Renewal Application Online Reference Portal
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Site: Summer South Carolina Electric & Gas Company icon.png
Issue date: 10/16/2023
From: Lauren Gibson
To: Carr E
Dominion Energy South Carolina
Download: ML23284A179 (3)


October 16, 2023 Eric S. Carr President - Nuclear Operations and Chief Nuclear Officer Innsbrook Technical Center 5000 Dominion Boulevard Glen Allen, VA 23060-6711



Dear Mr. Carr,

By letter dated August 17, 2023 (Agencywide Documents Access and Management System Accession No. ML23233A175), Dominion Energy South Carolina, Inc. (DESC), on behalf of itself and Santee Cooper, submitted an application for subsequent license renewal of Renewed Facility Operating License No. NPF 12 for Virgil C. Summer Nuclear Station, Unit No. 1 (V.C.


The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) staff continues to seek approaches to improve efficiency and support an effective review. One method to increase efficiency of the NRC staffs review of the subsequent license renewal application (SLRA) is the use of an online reference portal that will allow the NRC staff and its contractors limited, read-only access to the documents and other reference materials cited in and in support of the SLRA. The online reference portal will allow the review of documents referenced in the SLRA. In cases where the NRC staff identifies documents as necessary to support its determinations in the safety evaluation report or environmental impact statement, the NRC staff will request that those documents be submitted on the docket.

The use of the online reference portal will be in accordance with the following restrictions:

  • The online reference portal will be password-protected, and passwords will be distributed only to NRC staff members and contractors directly involved in the V.C.

Summer SLRA review on a need-to-know basis.

  • The online reference portal will not support any printing, saving, or downloading functions.
  • The NRC staff members and contractors given password access to the online reference portal will be informed of the conditions related to the use of the online reference portal by NRC project managers.
  • The conditions associated with the online reference portal will be maintained throughout its use during the V.C. Summer SLRA review process.

E. Carr

  • Documents posted to the online reference portal will be limited to basis and other reference material cited in the SLRA, unless otherwise agreed upon by DESC and NRC management.

It is requested that the portal be fully populated with plant documents and well organized to facilitate efficient search capability and ease of use, starting from the date of acceptance of the application to issuance of both the safety review audit report and the environmental review audit report, for all NRC staff members and contractors directly involved in the V.C. Summer SLRA review.

If you have any questions on this matter, please contact Marieliz Johnson, Project Manager, for the safety review of the V.C. Summer SLRA at Marieliz., or Kim Conway, Project Manager, for the environmental review at



Lauren K. Gibson, Chief License Renewal Projects Branch Division of New and Renewed Licenses Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation Docket No. 50-395 cc: Listserv Summer

ML23284A179 *via email NRR-106 OFFICE PM: NLRP: DNRL LA: NLIB: DNRL PM: ERLRB: REFS NAME MJohnson SGreen KConway DATE 10/11/23 10/11/23 10/11/23 OFFICE OGC (NLO) BC: NLRP: DNRL NAME STurk LGibson DATE 10/12/23 10/16/2023