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Special Report 2023-003 Inoperable Radiation Monitoring Instrumentation Channel
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Site: Summer South Carolina Electric & Gas Company icon.png
Issue date: 07/09/2023
From: Ryan Justice
Dominion Energy South Carolina
Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Document Control Desk
Download: ML23190A001 (1)


Dominion Energy South Carolina V. C. Summer Nuclear Station Dominion Bradham Boulevard & Highway 215, Jenkinsville, SC 29065 Mailing Address:

_.:_; Energy P.O. Box 88, Jenkinsville, SC 29065 Dominion July 9, 2023 Attn : Document Control Desk Serial No.23-192 U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission VCS LIC/HK Rev 0 Washington , DC 20555-0001 Docket No. 50-395 License No. NPF-12 DOMINION ENERGY SOUTH CAROLINA (DESC)

VIRGIL C. SUMMER NUCLEAR STATION (VCSNS) UNIT 1 SPECIAL REPORT 2023-003 INOPERABLE RADIATION MONITORING INSTRUMENTATION CHANNEL Dominion Energy South Carolina, Inc. (DESC) hereby submits Special Report 2023-003, pursuant to the requirements of Technical Specification (TS) 6.9.2, as required by Action 30 of TS, Table 3.3-6, RADIATION MONITORING INSTRUMENTATION, Item 2.d.iii.

Purge Exhaust Effluent High Range Radiation Monitor, RM-A14, was declared inoperable on June 26, 2023, at 0500 EDT, due to erroneous indications. RM-A14 provides radiation monitoring for the Reactor Building Purge Exhaust System as described within Final Safety Analysis Report (FSAR) section Reactor Building Purge Supply and Exhaust System, FSAR Figure 9.4-28, and FSAR section 11.4 Process and Effluent Radiological Monitoring Systems. Upon declaring RM-A14 inoperable, VCSNS implemented a preplanned alternate method of monitoring in accordance with the requirements of Action 30 of TS Table 3.3-6 .

VCSNS expects to repair the existing radiation monitor detector or replace it with a spare detector within 90 days. If additional time is required, VCSNS will provide an update to this Special Report.

Should you have any questions, please call Michael S. Moore at (803) 345-4752.

bert . Justice ite ce President V.C. Summer Nuclear Station Commitments contained in this letter: None

Serial No.23-192 Docket No 50-395 Page 2 of 2 cc: G. J. Lindamood - Santee Cooper L. Dudes - NRC Region II G. Miller - NRC Project Manager NRC Resident Inspector