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Advises That Individual Program Plan Will Be Submitted by 831019 Referencing BWR Owners Group Generic Program Plan Re NRC 830419 Generic Ltr 83-18,Suppl 1 to NUREG-0737, Item I.D.1, Control Room Design Review
Person / Time
Site: FitzPatrick Exelon icon.png
Issue date: 06/03/1983
From: Bayne J
To: Vassallo D
Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation
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June 3, 1983 JPN-83-50 Director of Nuclear Reactor Regulation U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Washington, D.C. 20555 Attention: Mr. Domenic B. Vassallo, Chief Operating Reactors Branch No. 2 Division of Licensing


James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant Docket No. 50-333 Supplement No. 1 to NUREG-0737 Item I.D.1, Control Room Design Review Referunces: 1. NYPA letter, J.P. Bayne to D.B. Vassallo, dated April 15, 1983 (JPN-8 3-3 3)

2. NRC Generic letter No. 83-18, D.G. Eisenhut to All BWR licensees, dated April 19, 1983.

Dear Sir:

The Authority committed to provide a date for the submittal of a Detailed Control Room Design Review (DCRDR) Program Plan for the FitzPatrick plant one month after we received the approval of the BWR Owner's Group plan (Reference 1).

The Commission provided the results of the staff's review and evaluation of the Owner's Group Control Room Survey Program via Generic Letter No. 83-18 (Reference 2). This Generic letter lists five tasks to be completed to supplement the Owner's Group submittal. The first task (a) is a plant-specific program plan.

The FitzPatrick DCRDR Program Plan will include: the qualifications of the survey team members; a definition of plant personnel participation; a description of any deviations from the BWROG Program Plan; and a discussion of our program for prioritizing HEDs, reporting DCRDR results, and implementing control room enhancements. The FitzPatrick DCRDR Program Plan will also address those concerns discussed in the NRC review included with Reference 2.

8306070303 830603 PDR ADOCK 05000333 P PDR hO

d The Authority will submit an individual program plan referencing the BWROG Generic Program Plan not later than October. 19, 1983 contingent on the availability of INPO NUTAC guidance documents currently under development. Final publication of these guidance documents is anticipated in the fall of this year. The remaining four tasks (b through e) will also be addressed in the DCRDR Program Plan.

If you require additional information or have any questions, please contact Mr. J.A. Gray, Jr. of my staff.

Very truly yours, r

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$xecutive Vice President Nuclear Generation cc: Mr. J. Linville, Resident Inspector U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Post Office Box 136 Lycoming, NY 13093