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Submits Addl Confirmatory Info Re Containment Liner Piping Penetrations Per NRC 830520 Telcon.Info Submitted Should Enable Closure of IE Bulletin 80-08 as Fuel Load Requirement
Person / Time
Site: Shoreham
Issue date: 05/31/1983
From: James Smith
To: Denton H
Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation
Download: ML20071P027 (3)



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[-w w%wmawd P.O. BOX 618, NORTH COUNTRY ROAD + WADING RIVER, N.Y.11792 Dkut Dial Number May 31, 1983 SNRC-897 Mr. Harold R. Denton, Director Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Washington, D.C. 20555 Submittal of Additional Confirmatory Information for the Containment Liner Piping Penetrations Shoreham Nuclear Power Station - Unit 1 Docket No. 50-322


(1) LILCO letter, SNRC-485 (J. P. Novarro) to the NRC (B. H. Grier), dated July 10, 1980 (2) LILCO letter, SNRC-858 (J. L. Smith) to the NRC (H. R. Denton), dated March 16, 1983

Dear Mr. Denton:

As discussed during the May 20, 1983 telephone conversation be-tween R. Caruso and M. Hum of the Nuclear Regulat.ry Commission and R. Grunseich and R. Travis of LILCO, the following represents the Shoreham response to several additional NRC concerns regarding the flued head containment liner piping penetrations:

(1) The containment liner welds were examined during construc-tion using surface examination techniques (i.e. magnetic j particle testing) . No radiography was performed.

(2) The welds addressed by I&E Bulletin 80-08 (as defined in table 1 of reference 1) are covered by leak test channels.

A leak test was performed on these channels during l fabrication of the penetration assemblies. LILCO has l initiated a field verification program to visually confirm l the integrity of the leak test channels. This effort is scheduled for completion by the end of June. If the integrity of any of these channels is found to be questionable, LILCO will notify the NRC. The leak channels are expected to remain in place during the operation of the Shoreham Nuclear Power Station.

8306070321 830531 gDRADOCK 05000322 PDR \

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May 31, 1983 SNRC-897 Page 2 (3) As stated in reference 2, radiography of the installed penetrations is not practical due to the restricted access to the weldment and the presence of the leak channels.

(4) Reference 1 stated that a random review of the vendor's shop NDT documentation records showed that no reject-able defects were encountered during the NDT examination.

In addition, LILCO conducted a review of the welding documentation to verify that no indications of reject-able defects were present. Twenty nine of the thirty one primary containment penetrations identified in table 1 of reference 1 were reviewed (two spare penetrations were not verified). The documentation indicated that no weld repairs were necessary. This was further confirmed by the existence of magnetic particle examination records indicating a proper chronology, commensurate with no repairs being per-formed.

(5) In general, stress analysis of the containment penetration area shows that the welds between the flued head and the process pipe are the most highly stressed welds in the system during normal operation. (These welds are not the welds addressed in IE Bulletin 80-08).

LILCO believes the information stated herein should enable the closure of IE Bulletin 80-08 as a fuel load requirement for the Shoreham Nuclear Power Station.

Very truly yours, nu

. L. Smith Manager, Special Projects Shoreham Nuclear Power Station RT:bc cc: J. Higgins All Parties Listed in Attachment 1

, ..~;


l Lawrence Brenner, Esq. Herbert H. Brown, Esq.

Administrative Judge Lawrence Coe Lanpher, Esq.

Atomic Safety and Licensing Karla J. Letsche, Esq.

Board Panel Kirkpatrick, Lockhart, Hill U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Christoper & Phillips Washington, D.C. 20555 8th Floor 1900 M Street, N.W.

Washington, D.C. 20036 Dr. Peter A. Morris Administrative Judge Atomic Safety and Licensing Mr. Marc W. Goldsmith Board Panel Energy Research Group U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission 4001 Totten Pond Road Washington, D.C. 20555 Waltham, Massachusetts 02154 Dr. James H. Carpenter MHB Technical Associates Administrative Judge 1723 Hamilton Avenue Atomic Safety and Licensing Suite K Board Panel San Jose, California 95125 U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Washington,.D.C. 20555 Stephen B. Latham, Esq.

Twomey, Latham & Shea Daniel F. . Brown, Esq. 33 West Second Street Attorney P.O. Box 398 Atomic Safety and Licensing Riverhead, New York 11901 Board Panel U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Washington, D.C. 20555 Ralph Shapiro, Esq.

Cammer and Shapiro, P.C.

9 East 40th Street Bernard M. Bordenick, Esq. New York, New York 10016 David A. Repka, Esq.

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Washington, D.C. 20555 Matthew J. Kelly, Esq.

State of New York Department of Public Service James Dougherty Three Empire State Plaza 3045 Porter Street Albany, New York 12223 Washington, D.C. 20008 ;