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Enclosure 2 - Slides on Application of Dominion Safety & Core Design Methods to Kewaunee Power Station (KPS)
Person / Time
Site: Kewaunee Dominion icon.png
Issue date: 01/31/2006
Dominion Energy Kewaunee
Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation
jaffe D H, NRR/DORL, 415-1439
Download: ML060400352 (19)


Application of Dominion Safety & Core Design Methods to Kewaunee Power Station (KPS)Dominion Meeting with NRC Staff -1131/06 SDominion Dominion Meeting Participants

  • K. L. Basehore, Director-Nuclear Analysis & Fuel* C. B. LaRoe, Supervisor-Nuclear Safety Analysis* J. R. Harrell, Supervisor-Fuel Project Engineering
  • T L-1^ r cI I, 1, IM D-~ I-r.I%*J. I. aoJyI Fue
  • o iect 1ng inee LVIa phone]* J. C. Lautzenheiser, Nuclear Safety Analysis* G. L. Darden, Fuel Project Engineering
  • C. D. Sly, Kewaunee Licensing Engineer;FDominiomr 2

Agenda* Meeting and Project Objectives

  • Dominion Methods to Be Applied to KPS* Applicability Assessment Methodology

& Examples* NSSS Accident Analysis Methodology Using RETRAN* Regulatory Processes:

Utility Topical Reports & COLR* Proposed Submittals and Schedule* Open Discussion/Action Items Joominionw 3

Meeting & Project Objectives Meeting Objectives

-Define technical and licensing details of approach for application of Dominion methods to Kewaunee-Obtain NRC feedback concerning:

technical approach, licensing approach & schedule-Explore submittal

& review options* Project Objectives

-Obtain NRC-approval for application of Dominion methods to Kewaunee-NRC approval target date of 1/31/08 for support of Cycle 29 FDotminiow 4

Overview of Proposed KPS COLR Changes* KPS COLR (prepared per TS 6.9.a.4) is maintained as Section 2.1 of KPS Technical Requirements Manual (TRIM)* KPS COLR contains current and legacy methodology references

  • Dominion will retain W reference methods in COLR-represents current licensing basis & remains technically applicable

-provides continuity during NRC review of Dominion methods e Change TS 6.9.a.4 to add a 'bridge' topical DOM-NAF-5-A as reference methodology document for use of Dominion methods to establish COLR limits* DOM-NAF-5-A will describe the specific approach and framework for use of Dominion methods for KPS.Poominioit Key Elements of KPS Submittals to License Dominion Methods for KPS* Topical DOM-NAF-5

-- submit mid-2006* Statistical DNBR Statistical Design Limit quantification results* Detailed benchmark/validation analysis results* Detailed analysis results available for NRC review in audit meeting OR* Submit DOM-NAF-5 Appendix A with detailed analysis* LAR to add DOM-NAF-5-A to COLR -- submit Jan 2007 Domliniour 6

Dominion Methods to Be Applied to KPS* Core Physics Methods-VEP-FRD-42, Rev. 2.1 -A [Reload Nuclear Design Methodology]

-VEP-NE Rev. 0.1-A [Relaxed Power Distribution Control]-DOM-NAF-1, Rev. 0.0-P-A [Core Management System (CMS) Reactor-VEP-FRD-45-A

[Nuclear Design Reliability Factors]-VEP-FRD-36-A

[Control Rod Worth Determination by Rod Swap Technique]

  • Safety Analysis Methods-VEP-FRD-41 -A [RETRAN NSSS Analysis]-VEP-NE-2-A

[Statistical DNBR Evaluation Methodology]


[Core Thermal/Hydraulics Using VIPRE-D] -- UNDER NRC REVIEW Donnioir 7 Applicability Assessment Screening Process* Description of each method, its purpose and key features and dependencies

-key phenomena/conditions predicted by method-general calculational approach or assumptions

-tys of relactrr onrditions ftr IIAJhh mthkod ;i Ised-j r% 'We a %IW MJE AILEIJI Ka iJi VVI IRA., I I I EWII IVU I0 UO1WU* Identify conditions

& limitations associated with each method-regulatory limitations in NRC Safety Evaluation Reports (SERs)-physical limitations (e.g., plant systems, plant features & conditions)

-limitations in Dominion topicals (e.g., specific modeling approaches or inherent assumptions)

  • Assess each method with respect to conditions/limitations

-effort will range from written evaluations (minor) to validation and/or benchmark analyses and detailed comparison of results (involved)

PDominiont 8

Applicability Assessment Examples Candidate Method: DOM-NAF-2

[VIPRE-D]-Evaluation of DOM-NAF-2 considered a minor effort-VIPRE-D is VIPRE-01 with minor modifications

  • Addition of proprietary vendor DNB correlations (e.g. WRB-1)* Minor input/boutput customizations

-VIPRE-01 (with WRB-1) is the current DNB design basis tool for KPS-KPS 14x14 fuel, plant conditions

& features are within the bounds defined in DOM-NAF-2-Conclusion:

VIPRE-D is applicable to KPS for general DNB analysis, as defined in DOM-NAF-2;Dominiow 9

Applicability Assessment Examples* Candidate Method: DOM-NAF-1-A

[CMS Reactor Physics]-Evaluation of DOM-NAF-1 considered a moderate effort-DOM-NAF-1 -A SER approved CMS as general core physics modeling methodology for application to Surry & North Anna-SER indicates additional NRC review may be warranted for application of DOM-NAF-1 -A methods to a different fuel assembly lattice-Demonstration analyses will confirm applicability for analysis of KPS 1 4x14 fuel lattice in these specific areas (use multiple cycles of data)* Confirmation of Nuclear Reliability Factors (NRFs) applied to key parameter results from CMS (e.g., critical boron, ITC, rod worth)* CASMO vs. MCNP: peaking, flux instrument reaction rates* Comparison of SIMULATE & MCNP 2x2 assembly array predictions

-Detailed analyses made available for NRC review-Conclusion:

DOM-NAF-1 -A is applicable to KPS;DoMninioOW 10 Applicability Assessment Examples* Candidate Method: VEP-FRD-41 -A [RETRAN NSSS Analysis]-Evaluation of VEP-FRD-41 -A considered an involved effort-VEP-FRD-41 -A SER approved RETRAN for use at Surry & North Anna, plants with 3-Loop Westinghouse NSSS-KPS fuel design & conditions are within bounds of VEP-FRD-41 -A, but behavior of 2-Loop NSSS will be evaluated-KPS models developed in accordance with VEP-FRD-41 -A &confirmed with selected benchmark analyses SlDominioit NSSS Accident Analysis Methodology Using RETRAN* VEP-FRD-41 -A documents Dominion NSSS accident analysis methodology using RETRAN-02* VEP- FRD-41 -A methods are currently applied to SPS and NAPS UFSAR Non-LOCA transient analyses of record (AOR)* RETRAN was approved for application to KPS NSSS accident analysis non-LOCA transients.

[WPS report WPSRSEM-NP-A, Revision 3, Sep 2001]* Westinghouse performed current USAR AOR for KPS non- LOCA transients using RETRAN-02.

[Fuel Transition (Amendment 167, Apr 2003) and Stretch Uprate (Amendment 172, Feb 2004)]Conclusion:

RETRAN-02 code is applicable to KPS--the key task involves demonstrating applicability of VEP-FRD-4 1-A methods Donminio" 1 2 NSSS Accident Analysis Methodology Using RETRAN* These steps are established to demonstrate applicability of VEP-FRD-41 -A methodologies to KPS-Define unique classes of events (RCS heatup; RCS cooldown/depressurization; reactivity excursion; loss of RCS flow; loss of secondary heat sink)-Select one or more events from each class, based on: 1) event complexity, 2) event establishing basis for key limits of operation, 3)event uniqueness relative to VEP-FRD-41 requirements

-Perform demonstration analyses of identified events to validate capability to model key phenomena-Verify that applicability assessment criteria are met: 1) appropriate prediction of key phenomena, 2) predicted results are technically sound with reasonable agreement with USAR analyses and/or available plant data, 3) General trends in key parameters are consistent with USAR analyses* Detailed analyses made available for NRC review ifominioir 13 NSSS Accident Analysis Methodology Using RETRAN -Candidate Events for Benchmark Analysis* USAR 14.1.8, Locked Rotor-criterion 1: complex event-criterion 3: 2-loop behavior more severe* USAR 14.1 .1 0, Loss of Normal Feedwater-criterion 2: establishes KPS auxiliary feedwater flow requirements

-VEP-FRD-41 modeling verification (e.g., SG heat transfer)* USAR 14.2.5, Rupture of a Steam Pipe-criteria 1 & 3: complex event, with potential for 2-loop behavior to be more severe-VEP-FRD-41 modeling verification (e.g. core inlet mixing)ODominiow 14 Regulatory Processes:

Topicals & COLR c DOM-NAF-5 will document the 'bridge' to demonstrate applicability of Dominion methods to KPS* Approval of DOM-NAF-5 and its addition to KPS COLR is the initial step in application of Dominion methods to KPS* Subsequent steps will follow internal procedure

& use provisions of 1 OCFR50.59 to modify separate Dominion topical reports-Include specific discussion in each topical to reflect the approved material and evaluations in DOM-NAF-5-A

-Publish modified versions (mods) of each topical in accordance with Dominion procedure-Submit modified topicals to NRC for information

  • This modification process is applied to all Dominion topicals that may be cited by reference in VEP-FRD-42 or in the COLR 9Dominiour 15 DOM-NAF-5 Submittal Content* The submittal requesting approval of DOM-NAF-5 will include-General discussion of application assessment process-Results of executing the assessment process for each Dominion method being applied to KPS-Commitments, as necessary, for subsequent evaluations or analyses to augment DOM-NAF-5 DOM-NAF-5 submittal is scheduled to precede the LAR requesting its addition to the COLR to provide additional time for NRC review Dominionr 16 Technical Specifications/COLR LAR Content LAR for Technical Specifications/COLR change will include-General discussion of DOM-NAF-5 purpose and content (minimal content since DOM-NAF-5 will already have been submitted)

-Request to add DOM-NAF-5-A as reference methodology to KPS Core Operating Limits Report (COLR), TS 6.9.a.4-Plant-specific application analysis to define DNBR Statistical Design Limit (SDL) per provisions of VEP-NE-2-A

& DOM-NAF-2-DOM-NAF-5, Appendix A documenting detailed validation analyses, if needed Plant-specific application analysis (SDL) & LAR combined in one submittal so that LAR is complete and ready for NRC review ODominioir 17 Proposed Submittals and Key Schedule Milestones

  • Dominion submits DOM-NAF-5

-6/30/06* Dominion submits LAR requesting DOM-NAF-5-A addition to KPS COLR -1/31/07* NRC issues SER for DOM-NAF-5-A

-9/30/07* NRC issues SER for LAR -1/31/08* KPS Cycle 29 startup -Apr 2008;Xwaominiow 18 onpen fliAq.ILQ~inn

&I wt W m F Action items;Domi nior-