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 Start dateSiteReporting criterionTitleRegionNRC officer
ENS 5400817 April 2019 12:12:00Harris10 CFR 50.72(b)(3)(v)(D), Loss of Safety Function - Mitigate the Consequences of an AccidentTurbine Trip Solenoids Failure to ActuateNRC Region 2Andrew Waugh
ENS 5400517 April 2019 06:37:00Callaway10 CFR 50.72(b)(3)(iv)(A), System ActuationUndervoltage to a Safety Related Bus Resulting in Valid System ActuationNRC Region 4Thomas Kendzia
ENS 5400216 April 2019 04:55:00Farley10 CFR 50.72(b)(2)(xi), Notification to Government Agency or News ReleaseOffsite Notification - on Site FatailityNRC Region 2Jeffrey Whited
ENS 5400115 April 2019 07:00:00Curtiss Wright Enertech10 CFR 21.21(d)(3)(i), Failure to Comply or DefectPart-21 Notification - Snubber Hydraulic Fluid Batch Contains ParticulatesNRC Region 4Mark Abramovitz
ENS 5400015 April 2019 10:11:00Monticello10 CFR 50.72(b)(3)(xii), Transport of a Contaminated Person OffsiteTransport Offsite to Medical Facility of Potentially Contaminated IndividualNRC Region 3Jeffrey Whited
ENS 5399914 April 2019 07:20:00Sequoyah10 CFR 50.72(b)(2)(iv)(B), RPS System Actuation
10 CFR 50.72(b)(3)(iv)(A), System Actuation
Automatic Reactor Trip Due to Main Feedwater Pump TripNRC Region 2Bethany Cecere
ENS 5399814 April 2019 04:03:00Nine Mile Point10 CFR 50.72(b)(2)(iv)(B), RPS System Actuation
10 CFR 50.72(b)(3)(iv)(A), System Actuation
Automatic Reactor Scram and Specified System ActuationNRC Region 1Joanna Bridge
ENS 5399712 April 2019 23:15:00Monticello10 CFR 50.72(b)(3)(ii)(B), Unanalyzed Condition
10 CFR 50.72(b)(3)(v)(D), Loss of Safety Function - Mitigate the Consequences of an Accident
High Energy Line Break Door Found in Incorrect Position Resulting in Lpci and Core Spray Being InoperableNRC Region 3Donald Norwood
ENS 5399312 April 2019 04:00:00Ametek Solidstate Controls Inc.10 CFR 21.21(a)(2), Interim Report for Comply or Defect in ComponentPart 21 Report - Overheating and Failure of TransformersNRC Region 3Jeffrey Whited
ENS 5399111 April 2019 07:00:00Waterford10 CFR 50.72(b)(3)(v)(D), Loss of Safety Function - Mitigate the Consequences of an AccidentControl Room Envelope Inoperable Due to Door Handle DetachingNRC Region 4Jeffrey Whited
ENS 539908 April 2019 04:00:00Mercer Lime And StoneAgreement StateAgreement State Report - Lost Density GaugeNRC Region 1Karl Diederich
ENS 539899 April 2019 16:01:00Arcelormittal10 CFR 30.50(b)(2)Safety Equipment Failure - Shutter Potentially Stuck OpenNRC Region 3Jeffrey Whited
ENS 539889 April 2019 07:00:00Geosolutions, IncAgreement StateAgreement State Report - Stolen Moisture Density GaugeNRC Region 4Karl Diederich
ENS 539879 April 2019 05:00:00Heuft Usa, IncAgreement StateAgreement State Report - Lost Then Found Am-241 Fill Level Gauge SourcesNRC Region 3Karl Diederich
ENS 539868 March 2019 04:00:00Romanoff ElectricAgreement StateAgreement State Report - Lost Tritium Exit SignsNRC Region 3Ossy Font
ENS 539858 April 2019 18:46:00Georgia Pacific Consumer ProductsAgreement StateAgreement State Report - Shutter Stuck in Open PositionNRC Region 4Karl Diederich
ENS 539846 April 2019 13:30:00Pall HauppaugeAgreement StateAgreement State Report - Dry Source Storage Irradiator Source Rack Did Not Retract CompletelyNRC Region 1Karl Diederich
ENS 539834 April 2019 19:50:00General Electric Of PleasantonNonNon Power Reactor - Reactor Not Properly SecuredNRC Region 0
ENS 539825 April 2019 15:25:00Fermi10 CFR 26.719, FFD Reporting requirementsFitness-For-Duty: Falsified Pre-Employment InformationNRC Region 3Mark Abramovitz
ENS 539814 April 2019 19:15:00Ecs Southeast, LlpAgreement StateAgreement State Report - Gauge Run Over by Bull DozerNRC Region 1Jeffrey Whited
ENS 5398012 March 2019 15:00:00Technical Testing Services, Inc.Agreement StateAgreement State Report - Potential Excessive Exposure and Safety Equipment FailureNRC Region 4Donald Norwood
ENS 539793 April 2019 05:00:00Acuren Inspections Inc.Agreement StateAgreement State Report - Unable to Retract Radiography SourceNRC Region 4Mark Abramovitz
ENS 539783 April 2019 04:00:00Cardinal Operating CompanyAgreement StateAgreement State Report - Fixed Gauge Missing ShutterNRC Region 3Mark Abramovitz
ENS 539774 April 2019 15:55:00Oyster Creek10 CFR 50.72(b)(3)(xiii), Loss of Emergency PreparednessTechnical Support Center Ventilation Non-FunctionalNRC Region 1Mark Abramovitz
ENS 539758 January 2019 05:00:00Thermo Finnigan LlcAgreement StateEn Revision Imported Date 4/16/2019NRC Region 4Joanna Bridge
ENS 539741 April 2019 04:00:00Nrd, LlcAgreement StateAgreement State Report - Possible Internal OverexposureNRC Region 1Jeffrey Whited
ENS 539736 November 2018 05:00:00Weir Valves And Controls Usa10 CFR 21.21(d)(3)(i), Failure to Comply or DefectPart 21 Report - Residual Heat Removal System Motor Operated Globe Valve Experienced Stem FailuresNRC Region 1Jeffrey Whited
ENS 5397221 March 2019 04:00:00Baptist Health LexingtonAgreement StateAgreement State Report - Medical Event- Eluate Exceeded Breakthrough Limits on Rubidium - 82 GeneratorNRC Region 1Jim Drake
ENS 539712 April 2019 14:42:00Umass Memorial Health CareAgreement StateAgreement State Report - Medical Event - Underdose Administration of Y-90 MicrospheresNRC Region 1Ryan Alexander
ENS 539701 April 2019 07:00:00Mistras GroupAgreement StateLost Then Found Category 2 Radiography Exposure DeviceNRC Region 4Donald Norwood
ENS 5396915 March 2019 20:00:00ParsonsAgreement StateAgreement State Report - Lost Moisture Density GaugesNRC Region 1Jeffrey Whited
ENS 539681 April 2019 03:06:00Palo Verde10 CFR 50.72(b)(3)(ii)(B), Unanalyzed Condition
10 CFR 50.72(b)(3)(v)(C), Loss of Safety Function - Release of Radioactive Material
Unanalyzed Condition Due to Eccs LeakageNRC Region 4Caty Nolan
ENS 5396731 March 2019 01:30:00Vogtle10 CFR 50.72(b)(3)(iv)(A), System Actuation
10 CFR 50.72(b)(2)(iv)(B), RPS System Actuation
Manual Reactor Trip Due to Msiv Failing ClosedNRC Region 2Caty Nolan
ENS 5396630 March 2019 21:47:00Brunswick10 CFR 50.72(b)(2)(iv)(B), RPS System Actuation
10 CFR 50.72(b)(3)(iv)(A), System Actuation
Manual Reactor Scram and Specified System ActuationNRC Region 2Thomas Kendzia
ENS 5396529 March 2019 04:00:00Adventist Health SystemAgreement StateAgreement State Report - Loss of an I-125 SeedNRC Region 1Andrew Waugh
ENS 5396429 March 2019 15:00:00Meskel & Associates Engineering, PllcAgreement StateAgreement State Report - Lost Troxler Density GaugeNRC Region 1Thomas Kendzia
ENS 539635 March 2019 04:00:00Novant Health Presbyterian Medical CenterAgreement StateAgreement State Report - Incorrect Source Strength Entered Resulting in Overdose of 20 PercentNRC Region 1Jeff Herrera
ENS 5396228 March 2019 20:54:00Brunswick10 CFR 50.72(b)(3)(iv)(A), System ActuationAutomatic Actuation of the Primary Containment Isolation System and the Reactor Protecton SystemNRC Region 2Andrew Waugh
ENS 5396128 March 2019 18:50:00Brunswick10 CFR 50.72(a)(1)(i), Emergency Class Declaration
10 CFR 50.72(b)(2)(i), Tech Spec Required Shutdown
Unusual Event Declared Due to Rcs Unidentified LeakageNRC Region 2Jeff Herrera
ENS 5396025 March 2019 05:00:00Flint Hills ResourcesAgreement StateAgreement State - Lost Tritium Exit SignsNRC Region 4Joanna Bridge
ENS 5395926 March 2019 15:30:00Browns Ferry10 CFR 50.72(b)(3)(ii)(A), Seriously DegradedReport of Degraded Condition Due to Leaking ValveNRC Region 2Jeffrey Whited
ENS 5395822 March 2019 06:00:00Cardinal Health 414, LlcAgreement StateAgreement State Report - Lost and Found Ra-223 PackageNRC Region 4Jeffrey Whited
ENS 5395721 March 2019 05:00:00Holly Energy Partners LlcAgreement StateAgreement State - Stuck Open Gauge ShutterNRC Region 4Joanna Bridge
ENS 539564 March 2019 06:00:00Test AmericaAgreement StateAgreement State - Leaking Electron Capture DevicesNRC Region 4Joanna Bridge
ENS 5395525 March 2019 08:02:00Brunswick10 CFR 50.72(b)(3)(iv)(A), System ActuationAutomatic Start of Four Emergency Diesel GeneratorsNRC Region 2Mark Abramovitz
ENS 5395424 March 2019 18:45:00Indian Point10 CFR 50.72(b)(2)(iv)(B), RPS System Actuation
10 CFR 50.72(b)(3)(iv)(A), System Actuation
Reactor Automatic Trip on Turbine TripNRC Region 1Ossy Font
ENS 5395324 March 2019 05:59:00Hatch10 CFR 50.72(b)(2)(iv)(B), RPS System Actuation
10 CFR 50.72(b)(3)(iv)(A), System Actuation
Manual Reactor Scram Due to Degrading Condenser VacuumNRC Region 2Mark Abramovitz
ENS 5395221 March 2019 04:00:00Us Steel CorporationAgreement StateAgreement State Report - Failed Moisture Gauge ShutterNRC Region 1Jeffrey Whited
ENS 5395118 March 2019 04:00:00Ge HealthcareAgreement StateAgreement State Report - Generator Lost in TransitNRC Region 1Jeffrey Whited
ENS 5395020 March 2019 01:00:00Ttl, IncAgreement StateAgreement State Report - Stolen Moisture Density GaugeNRC Region 1Jeffrey Whited
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