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 Start dateSiteReporting criterionTitleRegionNRC officer
ENS 5570616 January 2022 05:20:00Browns Ferry10 CFR 50.72(b)(3)(ii)(A), Seriously DegradedDegraded Condition Discovered on Shutdown Cooling Test LineNRC Region 2Kerby Scales
ENS 5570514 January 2022 23:00:00Paradigm Consultants Inc.Agreement StateDamaged Troxler GaugeNRC Region 4Brian P. Smith
ENS 5570415 February 2021 06:00:00Northwestern Memorial HospitalAgreement StatePatient UnderdoseNRC Region 3Lloyd Desotell
ENS 5570313 January 2022 14:06:00Cooper10 CFR 50.72(b)(2)(xi), Notification to Government Agency or News ReleaseOffsite Notification Due to Spurious Siren ActuationNRC Region 4Bethany Cecere
ENS 5570210 December 2021 06:00:00Curium Us Llc10 CFR 20.2201(a)(1)(ii)NON-AGREEMENT State Report - Lost Packages in TransitNRC Region 3Ossy Font
ENS 5570110 January 2022 21:35:00Union Carbide CorporationAgreement StateNuclear Gauge Holder Broken HandleNRC Region 4Donald Norwood
ENS 5570030 November 2021 06:00:00Kcs International IncAgreement StateMissing Static Eliminator DeviceNRC Region 3Thomas Kendzia
ENS 556998 January 2022 06:00:00Reed Engineering Group LtdAgreement StateStolen Troxler GaugeNRC Region 4Kerby Scales
ENS 556987 January 2022 18:23:00Callaway10 CFR 50.72(b)(2)(iv)(B), RPS System ActuationAutomatic Turbine Trip / Reactor TripNRC Region 4Thomas Kendzia
ENS 556977 January 2022 05:00:00UnknownAgreement StateFound Moisture Density GuageNRC Region 1Kerby Scales
ENS 556967 January 2022 16:00:00Georgia-Pacific Consumer Operations LlcAgreement StateDamaged Tritium Exit SignNRC Region 4Thomas Kendzia
ENS 556956 January 2022 05:00:00South Pointe HospitalAgreement StateLost I-125 SeedNRC Region 3Thomas Kendzia
ENS 556947 January 2022 07:20:00Comanche Peak10 CFR 50.72(b)(3)(xiii), Loss of Emergency PreparednessLoss of Meteorological Emergency Assessment CapabilityNRC Region 4Brian P. Smith
ENS 556937 January 2022 00:37:00Saint Lucie10 CFR 50.72(b)(2)(i), Tech Spec Required ShutdownShutdown Initiated in Accordance with Technical SpecificationsNRC Region 2Thomas Kendzia
ENS 556926 January 2022 12:03:00South Texas10 CFR 50.72(b)(3)(iv)(A), System ActuationSpecified System Actuation - Auto Start Emergency Diesel GeneratorNRC Region 4Kerby Scales
ENS 556916 January 2022 15:44:00Cook10 CFR 50.72(a)(1)(i), Emergency Class DeclarationUnusual Event Declared Due to a Fire in the Aux Cable VaultNRC Region 3Karen Cotton-Gross
ENS 556905 January 2022 15:09:00Fort Calhoun10 CFR 50.72(b)(2)(xi), Notification to Government Agency or News ReleaseOffsite Notification Due to Onsite FireNRC Region 4Jeffrey Whited
ENS 556883 January 2022 06:00:00Raba-Kistner Consultants IncAgreement StateLost SourceNRC Region 4Lloyd Desotell
ENS 5568715 December 2021 05:00:00Horizon Medical ServicesAgreement StateMedical Event Due to Incorrect Treatment AreaNRC Region 1Ossy Font
ENS 556864 January 2022 00:15:00Framatome ANP RichlandPart 70 App A (C)Offsite NotificationNRC Region 2Bethany Cecere
ENS 556853 January 2022 13:41:00Limerick10 CFR 26.719Failed FITNESS-FOR-DUTY TestNRC Region 1Lloyd Desotell
ENS 556843 January 2022 17:23:00Calvert Cliffs10 CFR 50.72(b)(2)(iv)(B), RPS System ActuationAutomatic Reactor Trip Due to Loss of Electrical LoadNRC Region 1Lloyd Desotell
ENS 5568330 December 2021 07:00:00Element HotelAgreement StateDestroyed Tritium Exit SignsNRC Region 4Lloyd Desotell
ENS 556821 January 2022 17:10:00Columbia10 CFR 50.72(b)(3)(v)(D), Loss of Safety Function - Mitigate the Consequences of an AccidentHigh Pressure Core Spray System Declared InoperableNRC Region 4Karen Cotton-Gross
ENS 5568129 December 2021 08:00:00Universal Engineering SciencesAgreement StateLost and Recovered GaugeNRC Region 4Karen Cotton-Gross
ENS 5568029 December 2021 06:00:00Ecs Southwest LlpAgreement StateCesium Source Unable to Fully RetractNRC Region 4Karen Cotton-Gross
ENS 5567929 December 2021 20:52:00Hatch10 CFR 50.72(b)(2)(iv)(B), RPS System ActuationManual Reactor Trip and Automatic Actuation of Containment Isolation ValvesNRC Region 2Karen Cotton-Gross
ENS 5567820 December 2021 07:00:00Saint Mary Corwin HospitalAgreement StateMissing/Unaccounted for IODINE-125 SeedNRC Region 4Karen Cotton-Gross
ENS 5567723 December 2021 08:00:00University Of WashingtonAgreement StateUnderdosing of Patient with YTTRIUM-90 MicrospheresNRC Region 4Kerby Scales
ENS 5567627 December 2021 06:00:00Siouxland Ethanol, LlcAgreement StateLost Tritium Exit SignNRC Region 4Kerby Scales
ENS 5567525 September 2021 05:00:00Agreement StateLost SourceNRC Region 1Brian Lin
ENS 5567422 December 2021 17:45:00Harris10 CFR 50.72(b)(3)(xiii), Loss of Emergency PreparednessLoss of Siren SystemNRC Region 2Kerby Scales
ENS 5567323 December 2021 05:00:00Geoservices, LlcAgreement StateDamaged Troxler GaugeNRC Region 1Mike Stafford
ENS 5567211 October 2021 18:00:00Aurora Cooperative Ethanol, LlcAgreement StateLost Tritium Exit SignsNRC Region 4Caty Nolan
ENS 5567126 November 2021 14:21:00Cardinal Health Pet Manufacturing ServicesAgreement StateWorker Extremity OverexposureNRC Region 3Bethany Cecere
ENS 5567022 December 2021 06:00:00Chanute ManufacturingAgreement StateRadiography Source Unable to RetractNRC Region 4Mike Stafford
ENS 5566921 December 2021 12:30:00Anbessaw Consulting, Inc.Agreement StateStolen Mositure Density GaugeNRC Region 4Thomas Kendzia
ENS 5566820 December 2021 19:55:00Rubicon, LlcAgreement StateEquipment MalfunctionNRC Region 4Ossy Font
ENS 5566717 December 2021 03:00:00Mistras Group, Inc.Agreement StateRadiography Device Safety Latch FailureNRC Region 4Mike Stafford
ENS 5566620 December 2021 17:20:00Framatome ANP RichlandPart 70 App A (C)Offsite NotificationNRC Region 2Thomas Herrity
ENS 5566522 October 2019 07:00:00SpectratekAgreement StateContaminated WorkerNRC Region 4Thomas Herrity
ENS 5566417 December 2021 10:45:00Ctc-Geotek, Inc.Agreement StateStolen Troxler GaugeNRC Region 4Caty Nolan
ENS 5566316 December 2021 05:00:00Construction Engineering Consultants, Inc.Agreement StateDamage Density GaugeNRC Region 1Jeffrey Whited
ENS 5566217 December 2021 05:00:00Testing Eng. And Consultants Inc.10 CFR 20.2201(a)(1)(ii)NON-AGREEMENT State Report - Lost Troxler GaugesNRC Region 3Caty Nolan
ENS 556619 December 2021 14:00:00Western Industries Plastic ProductsAgreement StateLost Licensed DeviceNRC Region 4Brian Lin
ENS 5566020 October 2021 13:05:00Browns Ferry10 CFR 50.73(a)(1), Submit an LERInvalid Actuation of a General Containment Isolation Signal Affecting More than One SystemNRC Region 2Brian Lin
ENS 5565911 May 2017 06:00:00Certainteed CorporationAgreement StateGauge Shutter Stuck OpenNRC Region 3Mike Stafford
ENS 5565820 April 2018 06:00:00New FlyerAgreement StateLost Static EliminatorNRC Region 3Mike Stafford
ENS 5565726 July 2019 06:00:00Abbott Northwestern HospitalAgreement StateLost Brachytherapy SeedNRC Region 3Mike Stafford
ENS 556565 December 2019 06:00:00Fairview Southdale HospitalAgreement StateLost Brachytherapy SeedNRC Region 3Mike Stafford
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