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 Start dateSiteReporting criterionTitleRegionNRC officer
ENS 5538428 July 2021 17:45:00Seabrook10 CFR 26.719Fitness for Duty ReportNRC Region 1Thomas Herrity
ENS 5538026 July 2021 22:31:00Univ Of Missouri-ColumbiaNonReactor Shutdown Due to Control Rod Drive FailureNRC Region 3Thomas Herrity
ENS 5537925 July 2021 16:38:00Sequoyah10 CFR 50.72(b)(3)(v)(C), Loss of Safety Function - Release of Radioactive MaterialSurveillence Frequency Exceeded for Ice Condenser TemperatureNRC Region 2Brian P. Smith
ENS 5537723 July 2021 15:40:00Prairie Island10 CFR 50.72(b)(2)(xi), Notification to Government Agency or News ReleaseOffsite Notification Due to Fish KillNRC Region 3Joanna Bridge
ENS 5537522 July 2021 21:51:00North Anna10 CFR 50.72(b)(3)(ii)(B), Unanalyzed ConditionUnanalyzed Condition of Fire Safe Shutdown EquipmentNRC Region 2Ossy Font
ENS 5537413 July 2021 07:00:00The Regents Of The University Of California (Ucsf)Agreement StateContaminated PackageNRC Region 4Ossy Font
ENS 5537322 July 2021 13:50:00Branscome, Inc.Agreement StateDamage to Portable Moisture Density GaugeNRC Region 1Ossy Font
ENS 5537221 July 2021 04:00:00Titan Inspection, Inc.Agreement StateRadiography Source Failed to RetractNRC Region 1Joanna Bridge
ENS 5537121 July 2021 06:00:00Uchealth Greeley HospitalAgreement StateY-90 Microsphere UnderdoseNRC Region 4Thomas Herrity
ENS 5537021 July 2021 22:26:00Susquehanna10 CFR 50.72(b)(2)(iv)(B), RPS System ActuationAutomatic Reactor SCRAMNRC Region 1Ossy Font
ENS 5536923 April 2021 05:00:00University Of Illinois - ChicagoAgreement StateY-90 Microsphere UnderdoseNRC Region 3Ossy Font
ENS 5536820 July 2021 07:00:00University Of California, San DiegoAgreement StateY-90 Brachytherapy UnderdoseNRC Region 4Ossy Font
ENS 5536720 July 2021 04:00:00Prime Ndt Services, Inc.Agreement StateLost SourceNRC Region 3Jeffrey Whited
ENS 5536620 July 2021 20:30:00Acuren Inspection, Inc.Agreement StateRadiography Camera Source DisconnectNRC Region 4Ossy Font
ENS 5536520 July 2021 14:52:00Farley10 CFR 26.719Fitness for Duty ReportNRC Region 2Solomon Sahle
ENS 5536419 July 2021 17:10:00Global Nuclear Fuel - AmericasPart 70 App A (C)Offsite NotificationNRC Region 2Bethany Cecere
ENS 5536319 July 2021 18:58:00Nine Mile Point10 CFR 50.72(b)(2)(xi), Notification to Government Agency or News ReleaseOnsite Medical EmergencyNRC Region 1Donald Norwood
ENS 5536219 July 2021 06:00:00Mistras Group, Inc.10 CFR 20.2202(b)(2)Temporary Loss of Control of Radiography Exposure DeviceNRC Region 3Donald Norwood
ENS 5536116 July 2021 05:00:00Versa Integrity Group, Inc.Agreement StatePossible OVER-EXPOSURE to RadiographerNRC Region 4Donald Norwood
ENS 5536019 October 2020 04:00:00Mainehealth Maine Medical CenterAgreement StateLeaking SourceNRC Region 1Donald Norwood
ENS 5535928 February 2021 20:00:00Purdue UniversityNonReactor Operated at Greater than 100 Percent Technical Specification Power LimitNRC Region 0Donald Norwood
ENS 5535815 July 2021 20:30:003M Company, Corporate Radiation Protection And ComplianceAgreement StateFixed Nuclear Gauge Stuck ShutterNRC Region 3Donald Norwood
ENS 5535715 July 2021 21:40:00Fermi10 CFR 50.72(b)(2)(xi), Notification to Government Agency or News ReleaseOffsite Notification Due to Exceeding NPDES LimitNRC Region 3Joanna Bridge
ENS 5535615 July 2021 18:45:00Somat Engineering10 CFR 20.2201(a)(1)(ii)Stolen Troxler GaugeNRC Region 3Joanna Bridge
ENS 5535513 July 2021 05:00:00Valero Refining-Texas LpAgreement StateStuck ShutterNRC Region 4Ossy Font
ENS 5535414 July 2021 04:00:00Genesis HospitalAgreement StateDose Administered Varied by More than 25 PercentNRC Region 3Ossy Font
ENS 5535314 July 2021 14:45:00Us Department Of Veteran Affairs10 CFR 35.3045(a)(1)Medical Event - Under DoseNRC Region 3Jeffrey Whited
ENS 5535214 July 2021 05:00:00Allied Alloys LpAgreement StateMissing DeviceNRC Region 4Joanna Bridge
ENS 553519 July 2021 07:00:00Permanente Medical Group, Inc.Agreement StateMedical UnderdoseNRC Region 4Joanna Bridge
ENS 5535017 June 2021 04:00:00Georgia Pacific Cedar Springs, LlcAgreement StateStuck ShutterNRC Region 1Thomas Herrity
ENS 553499 July 2021 21:30:00Global Nuclear Fuel - AmericasPart 70 App A (C)Fire Suppression System ImpairedNRC Region 2Brian P. Smith
ENS 553489 July 2021 15:00:00International Paper CompanyAgreement StateShutter Stuck OpenNRC Region 1Ossy Font
ENS 5534711 May 2021 16:00:00Engine Systems, Inc10 CFR 21.21(d)(3)(i), Failure to Comply or DefectPart 21 Initial Report - Deviation Identified Loose Zinc Anodes Installed in Heat Exchangers for Diesel GeneratorsNRC Region 1Brian P. Smith
ENS 553469 July 2021 01:54:00Davis Besse10 CFR 50.72(b)(2)(iv)(B), RPS System ActuationAutomatic Reactor Trip Due to Main Turbine TripNRC Region 3Kerby Scales
ENS 5534513 May 2021 11:00:00Limerick10 CFR 50.73(a)(1), Submit an LERInvalid Actuation of Containment Isolation SignalNRC Region 1Brian P. Smith
ENS 553447 July 2021 21:00:00Mistras Group10 CFR 30.50(b)(2)Source RetrievalNRC Region 4Brian P. Smith
ENS 553415 July 2021 05:00:00Cmt Associates LlcAgreement StateStolen / Recovered Density GaugeNRC Region 4Kerby Scales
ENS 553403 July 2021 07:00:00Agreement StateStolen Moisture Density GaugeNRC Region 4Bethany Cecere
ENS 553394 July 2021 13:11:00Catawba10 CFR 50.72(b)(3)(xiii), Loss of Emergency PreparednessLoss of Seismic Monitoring for Emergency Plan AssessmentNRC Region 2Jeffrey Whited
ENS 553383 July 2021 18:30:00South Texas10 CFR 26.719Controlled Substance Discovered within the Protected AreaNRC Region 4Jeffrey Whited
ENS 553372 July 2021 04:00:00University Of PennsylvaniaAgreement StatePatient Under DoseNRC Region 1Lloyd Desotell
ENS 5533630 June 2021 19:30:00Bwx TechnologiesOther Unspec ReqmntSample Discovered MissingNRC Region 2Jeffrey Whited
ENS 5533517 June 2021 13:03:00Empire Mine10 CFR 20.2201(a)(1)(ii)Report of Lost MaterialNRC Region 3Jeffrey Whited
ENS 553341 July 2021 07:00:00John Muir Medical CenterAgreement StatePatient Under DoseNRC Region 4Bethany Cecere
ENS 5533330 June 2021 05:00:00Superior Silica Sands LlcAgreement StateStolen Fixed Nuclear GaugeNRC Region 4Bethany Cecere
ENS 5533230 June 2021 10:30:00Project Management Associates, PllcAgreement StateStolen Moisture Density GaugeNRC Region 4Kerby Scales
ENS 5533130 June 2021 14:10:00Faulker Engineering Services, Inc.Agreement StateDamaged Soil Moisture Density GaugeNRC Region 1Brian P. Smith
ENS 5533029 June 2021 14:39:00Geotechnical Inc.Agreement StateDamaged Moisture Density GaugeNRC Region 1Brian P. Smith
ENS 5532925 June 2021 16:00:00Aurora Healthcare Southern Lakes, Inc.Agreement StateUnderdose to PatientNRC Region 3Brian P. Smith
ENS 5532824 June 2021 04:00:00Vogtle10 CFR 50.55(e)10 Cfr 50.55(E) Report Regarding Electrical Construction and Measuring and Test Equipment ControlNRC Region 2Donald Norwood
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