Nine Mile Point

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Nine Mile Point (NMP)
Nine Mile Point Nuclear Generating Station
Company ConstellationConstellation icon.png
Where Scriba, New York
Region NRC Region 1
ISFSI docket
Company History
Exelon->Constellation (February 2, 2022)
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Reactor Unit 1
Docket 05000220
License DPR-63
Licensed Power Level (Thermal) 1,850 MWt
Unit type GE-2
Containment Mark I
Ultimate Heat Sink Lake Ontario
Commission 12/26/1974
Renewal 10/31/2006
NRC Website
Reactor Unit 2
Docket 05000410
License NPF-69
Licensed Power Level (Thermal) 3,988 MWt
Unit type GE-5
Containment Mark II
Ultimate Heat Sink Cooling Tower
Commission 07/02/1987
Renewal 10/31/2006
NRC Website
Reactor Unit 3
Docket 05200038-Canceled
Unit type European Pressurized Reactor