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Containment refers to several layers of structure meant to contain reactor coolant during design bases accidents. Containment starts after the reactor vessel.

The main two systems is Primary Containment meant to contain liquid coolant outside the reactor vessel and Secondary Containment meant to contain gas effluent.

Primary Containment subsystems

Secondary Containment subsystems

 Containment typeRegionStateReactor type
MillstoneAmbient Pressure
NRC Region 1ConnecticutCE
Westinghouse PWR 4-Loop
Calvert CliffsAmbient PressureNRC Region 1MarylandCE
SeabrookAmbient PressureNRC Region 1New HampshireWestinghouse PWR 4-Loop
SalemAmbient PressureNRC Region 1New JerseyWestinghouse PWR 4-Loop
Indian PointAmbient PressureNRC Region 1New YorkWestinghouse PWR 4-Loop
GinnaAmbient PressureNRC Region 1New YorkWestinghouse PWR 2-Loop
Three Mile IslandAmbient PressureNRC Region 1PennsylvaniaB&W-L-LP
FarleyAmbient PressureNRC Region 2AlabamaWestinghouse PWR 3-Loop
Saint LucieAmbient PressureNRC Region 2FloridaCE
Turkey PointAmbient PressureNRC Region 2FloridaWestinghouse PWR 3-Loop
VogtleAmbient PressureNRC Region 2GeorgiaW-AP1000
Westinghouse PWR 4-Loop
HarrisAmbient PressureNRC Region 2North CarolinaWestinghouse PWR 3-Loop
OconeeAmbient PressureNRC Region 2South CarolinaB&W-L-LP
SummerAmbient PressureNRC Region 2South CarolinaWestinghouse PWR 3-Loop
RobinsonAmbient PressureNRC Region 2South CarolinaWestinghouse PWR 3-Loop
ByronAmbient PressureNRC Region 3IllinoisWestinghouse PWR 4-Loop
BraidwoodAmbient PressureNRC Region 3IllinoisWestinghouse PWR 4-Loop
PalisadesAmbient PressureNRC Region 3MichiganCE
Prairie IslandAmbient PressureNRC Region 3MinnesotaWestinghouse PWR 2-Loop
Davis BesseAmbient PressureNRC Region 3OhioB&W-R-LP
Point BeachAmbient PressureNRC Region 3WisconsinWestinghouse PWR 2-Loop
Palo VerdeAmbient PressureNRC Region 4ArizonaCE
Arkansas NuclearAmbient PressureNRC Region 4ArkansasCE
Diablo CanyonAmbient PressureNRC Region 4CaliforniaWestinghouse PWR 4-Loop
Wolf CreekAmbient PressureNRC Region 4KansasWestinghouse PWR 4-Loop
WaterfordAmbient PressureNRC Region 4LouisianaCE
CallawayAmbient PressureNRC Region 4MissouriWestinghouse PWR 4-Loop
Evolutionary Power Reactor
Fort CalhounAmbient PressureNRC Region 4NebraskaCE
South TexasAmbient PressureNRC Region 4TexasWestinghouse PWR 4-Loop
Comanche PeakAmbient PressureNRC Region 4TexasWestinghouse PWR 4-Loop
Advanced Pressurized Water Reactor
McGuireIce condenserNRC Region 2North CarolinaWestinghouse PWR 4-Loop
CatawbaIce condenserNRC Region 2South CarolinaWestinghouse PWR 4-Loop
Watts BarIce condenserNRC Region 2TennesseeWestinghouse PWR 4-Loop
SequoyahIce condenserNRC Region 2TennesseeWestinghouse PWR 4-Loop
CookIce condenserNRC Region 3MichiganWestinghouse PWR 4-Loop
Fukushima Dai-IchiMark I
Mark II
JapanFukushima Dai-IchiGE-4
PilgrimMark INRC Region 1MassachusettsGE-3
Hope CreekMark INRC Region 1New JerseyGE-4
Oyster CreekMark INRC Region 1New JerseyGE-2
FitzPatrickMark INRC Region 1New YorkGE-4
Nine Mile PointMark I
Mark II
NRC Region 1New YorkGE-5
European Pressurized Reactor
Peach BottomMark INRC Region 1PennsylvaniaGE-4
Vermont YankeeMark INRC Region 1VermontGE-4
Browns FerryMark INRC Region 2AlabamaGE-4
HatchMark INRC Region 2GeorgiaGE-4
BrunswickMark INRC Region 2North CarolinaGE-4
DresdenMark INRC Region 3IllinoisGE-3
Duane ArnoldMark INRC Region 3IowaGE-4
FermiMark INRC Region 3MichiganGE-4
Economic Simplified Boiling Water Reactor
MonticelloMark INRC Region 3MinnesotaGE-3
Quad CitiesMark INRC Region 4IllinoisGE-3
CooperMark INRC Region 4NebraskaGE-4
ShorehamMark IINRC Region 1New YorkGE-5
SusquehannaMark IINRC Region 1PennsylvaniaGE-4
LimerickMark IINRC Region 1PennsylvaniaGE-4
LaSalleMark IINRC Region 3IllinoisGE-5
ColumbiaMark IINRC Region 4WashingtonGE-5
ClintonMark IIINRC Region 3IllinoisGE-6
PerryMark IIINRC Region 3OhioGE-6
River BendMark IIINRC Region 4LouisianaGE-6
Economic Simplified Boiling Water Reactor
Grand GulfMark IIINRC Region 4MississippiGE-6
Beaver ValleySubatmosphericNRC Region 1PennsylvaniaWestinghouse PWR 3-Loop
SurrySubatmosphericNRC Region 2VirginiaWestinghouse PWR 3-Loop
North AnnaSubatmosphericNRC Region 2VirginiaWestinghouse PWR 3-Loop