Oyster Creek

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Oyster Creek (OYS)
Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station-Decommissioned
Company Holtec
Where Lacey Township, New Jersey
Region NRC Region 1
ISFSI docket 07200015
Company History
AmerGen->Exelon (2009)
General Public Utilities->AmerGen (1999)
Exelon->Holtec (June 20, 2019)
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Reactor Unit 1-Decommissioned
Docket 05000219
License DPR-16
Licensed Power Level (Thermal) 1,930 MWt
Unit type GE-2
Containment Mark I
Ultimate Heat Sink Barnegat Bay
Commission 07/02/1991
Renewal 06/03/2009
Decommission September 17, 2018
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