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ENS 53967VogtleManual Reactor Trip Due to Msiv Failing Closed
ENS 53968Palo VerdeUnanalyzed Condition Due to Eccs Leakage
ENS 53977Oyster CreekTechnical Support Center Ventilation Non-Functional
ENS 53982FermiEn Revision Imported Date 5/22/2019
ENS 53991WaterfordControl Room Envelope Inoperable Due to Door Handle Detaching
ENS 53997MonticelloEn Revision Imported Date 5/28/2019
ENS 53998Nine Mile PointAutomatic Reactor Scram and Specified System Actuation
ENS 53999SequoyahEn Revision Imported Date 8/7/2019
ENS 54000MonticelloTransport Offsite to Medical Facility of Potentially Contaminated Individual
ENS 54002FarleyOffsite Notification - on Site Fataility
ENS 54005CallawayUndervoltage to a Safety Related Bus Resulting in Valid System Actuation
ENS 54008HarrisTurbine Trip Solenoids Failure to Actuate
ENS 54012Duane ArnoldBoth Reactor Feed Pumps Trip Causing Manual Reactor Scram and Eccs Injection
ENS 54014LimerickInvalid Actuation of a Unit 1 Containment Isolation Logic Due to a Blown Fuse
ENS 54015LimerickLimerick Onsite Non-Work Related Fatality
ENS 54016BrunswickAutomatic Reactor Trip and Specified System Actuation
ENS 54017VogtleContract Supervisor Test Positive for Drugs on a Follow-Up Test
ENS 54018VogtleEn Revision Imported Date 5/1/2019
ENS 54020ByronManual Initiation of the Auxiliary Feedwater System in Response to a Loss of Feedwater
ENS 54021Watts BarTemporary Loss of Control Room Envelope Boundary
ENS 54024South TexasFitness for Duty Report - Algorithm Used for Random Testing Excluded a Population of Individuals
ENS 54027Saint LucieAutomatic Reactor Trip Due to Turbine Generator Trip
ENS 54031River BendThrough Wall Leak on Standby Liquid Control System Piping
ENS 54037Indian PointNon-Licensed Supervisor Failed Follow-Up Testing
ENS 54040FarleyEn Revision Imported Date 5/9/2019
ENS 54046Turkey PointFitness-For-Duty Report
ENS 54047McGuireAutomatic Reactor Trip on Over Temperature Delta Temperature
ENS 54049CooperEn Revision Imported Date 5/31/2019
ENS 54052BrunswickNoue Due to Fire Lasting Longer than 15 Minutes in Turbine Building
ENS 54054DresdenAutomatic Reactor Scram Due to Turbine Trip
ENS 54055SusquehannaEmployee Supervisor Tested Positive on a Random Fitness-For-Duty Test
ENS 54060DresdenProhibited Substance Inside the Protected Area
ENS 54061CallawayDiscovery of a Condition That Could Have Prevented Fulfillment of a Safety Function
ENS 54062Grand GulfReactor Scram Due to Partial Loss of Service Water
ENS 54064Comanche PeakVoltage Transient Due to Loss of Offsite Switchyard
ENS 54068WaterfordAutomatic Reactor Trip Due to Turbine Trip
ENS 54069CallawayEn Revision Imported Date 6/6/2019
ENS 54071PilgrimManual Reactor Scram Due to Degrading Condenser Vacuum
ENS 54072Turkey PointManual Reactor Trip Due Grid Disturbance
ENS 54073Arkansas NuclearLoss of the Safety Parameter Display System Due to Inverter Failure
ENS 54075SummerPotential Missed Surveillance for Isfsi
ENS 54077Watts BarManual Reactor Trip Due to Failure of Main Feedwater Regulating Valve
ENS 54078SusquehannaTechnical Specification Required Shutdown
ENS 54083LimerickInvalid Actuation of a Unit 2 Containment Isolation Logic Due to a Blown Fuse
ENS 54085PerryLow Pressure Core Spray Inoperable
ENS 54087Wolf CreekLoss of Offsite Power Due to Fire on Startup Transformer
ENS 54089Nine Mile PointLicensed Employee Failed a Random Fitness -For-Duty Test
ENS 54090BraidwoodLoss of Main Control Room Area Radiation Monitors
ENS 54091Arkansas NuclearAutomatic Reactor Trip Due to a Reactor Coolant Pump Trip on Ground Fault
ENS 54092FermiOnsite Spill of Chemical Toilet