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The query [[Category:ENS Notification]] [[Category:Power Reactor]] [[Entered date::≥31 March 2019]] was answered by the SMWSQLStore3 in 0.0067 seconds.

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ENS 53967VogtleManual Reactor Trip Due to Msiv Failing Closed
ENS 53968Palo VerdeUnanalyzed Condition Due to Eccs Leakage
ENS 53977Oyster CreekTechnical Support Center Ventilation Non-Functional
ENS 53982FermiFitness-For-Duty: Falsified Pre-Employment Information
ENS 53991WaterfordControl Room Envelope Inoperable Due to Door Handle Detaching
ENS 53997MonticelloHigh Energy Line Break Door Found in Incorrect Position Resulting in Lpci and Core Spray Being Inoperable
ENS 53998Nine Mile PointAutomatic Reactor Scram and Specified System Actuation
ENS 53999SequoyahAutomatic Reactor Trip Due to Main Feedwater Pump Trip
ENS 54000MonticelloTransport Offsite to Medical Facility of Potentially Contaminated Individual
ENS 54002FarleyOffsite Notification - on Site Fataility
ENS 54005CallawayUndervoltage to a Safety Related Bus Resulting in Valid System Actuation
ENS 54008HarrisTurbine Trip Solenoids Failure to Actuate