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ENS 55938ColumbiaPartial Loss of Power to RPS During Maintenance
ENS 55942Prairie IslandFITNESS-FOR-DUTY Report
ENS 55943Beaver ValleyManual Reactor Trip and Automatic Auxiliary Feedwater Actuation
ENS 55953Beaver ValleyOffsite Agency Notification Due to Chemical Leak
ENS 55955McGuireControl Room Ventilation and Control Area Chilled Water System Inoperable
ENS 55962PerryLOW Pressure Core Spray Inoperable
ENS 55963WaterfordAutomatic Reactor Trip Due to Main Steam Isolation Valve Closure
ENS 55964FermiAutomatic Reactor SCRAM Due to Main Turbine Trip
ENS 55968ColumbiaFitness for Duty Report
ENS 55972CallawayInvalid Specified System Actuation
ENS 55973Grand GulfManual SCRAM Due to Loss of Transformer