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 Start dateTitleInspection procedureNumber of inspectorsTopic
EP Exercise Evaluation Inspection (Davis Besse 2021)28 June 2021EP Exercise EvaluationIP 71114.014
EP Exercise Evaluation Inspection 2 (Davis Besse 2021)2 May 2021EP Exercise EvaluationIP 71114.014
Security Training Inspection (Davis Besse 2021)22 March 2021Security TrainingIP 71130.07, Security Training1
Access Authorization Inspection (Davis Besse 2021)8 February 2021Access AuthorizationIP 71130.01, Access Authorization1
ALARA Inspection (Davis Besse 2021)25 January 2021ALARAIP 71124.021
Validation of Initial License Examination Inspection (Davis Besse 2021)10 January 2021Validation of Initial License ExaminationEXAD
Licensed Operator Requalification Program Inspection (Davis Besse 2020)30 November 2020Licensed Operator Requalification ProgramIP 71111.11B2
Heat Sink Inspection (Davis Besse 2020)21 September 2020Heat SinkIP 71111.07T2
Radiation Monitoring Instrumentation Inspection (Davis Besse 2020)21 September 2020Radiation Monitoring InstrumentationIP 71124.051
Access Control Inspection (Davis Besse 2020)24 August 2020Access ControlIP 71130.02, Access Control1
Force on Force Inspection (Davis Besse 2020)24 August 2020Force on ForceIP 71130.036
Cyber Security Inspection (Davis Besse 2020)27 July 2020Cyber Security4
Radiation Safety Inspection (Davis Besse 2020)11 May 2020Radiation SafetyIP 71124.02
IP 71124.01, Radiological Hazard Assessment and Exposure Controls
50.59 Inspection (Davis Besse 2020)23 March 202050.59IP 71111.17T, Evaluations of Changes, Tests, and Experiments3
Airbourne Radioactivity Control Inspection (Davis Besse 2020)9 March 2020Airbourne Radioactivity ControlIP 71124.03
IP 71124.04
Inservice Inspection (Davis Besse 2020)2 March 2020InserviceIP 71111.08P1
Fitness for Duty Program Inspection (Davis Besse 2020)3 February 2020Fitness for Duty ProgramIP 71130.08, Fitness for Duty Program
IP 71130.04, Security Equipment
Validation of Initial License Examination Inspection (Davis Besse 2020)5 January 2020Validation of Initial License ExaminationEXAD
Airbourne Radioactivity Control Inspection (Davis Besse 2019)14 October 2019Airbourne Radioactivity ControlIP 71124.08
IP 71124.03
IP 71124.04
DBAI Inspection (Davis Besse 2019)13 October 2019DBAIIP 71111.21N3
ISFSI Pre-operational Inspection 2 (Davis Besse 2019)7 October 2019ISFSI Pre-operationalIP 60855.1
IP 60854.1
Open Phase Condition Inspection (Davis Besse 2019)7 October 2019Open Phase ConditionTI 2515/1941
ISFSI Pre-operational Inspection (Davis Besse 2019)23 September 2019ISFSI Pre-operationalIP 60854.14
RETS Inspection (Davis Besse 2019)19 August 2019RETSIP 71124.06, Radioactive Gaseous and Liquid Effluent Treatment
IP 71124.07, Radiological Environmental Monitoring Program
Protective Strategy Evaluation Inspection (Davis Besse 2019)5 August 2019Protective Strategy EvaluationIP 71130.14
IP 71130.05
IP 71130.07, Security Training
PI&R Inspection (Davis Besse 2019)24 June 2019PI&RIP 711524