Mark II

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The Mark II primary containment consists of a steel dome head and either a post-tensioned concrete wall or reinforced concrete wall standing on a base mat of reinforced concrete. The inner surface of the containment is lined with a steel plate that acts as a leak-tight membrane. The containment wall also serves as a support for the floor slabs of the reactor building (secondary containment) and the refueling pools. The Mark II design is an over-under configuration. The drywell, in the form of a frustum of a cone or a truncated cone, is located directly above the suppression pool. The suppression chamber is cylindrical and separated from the drywell by a reinforced concrete slab. The drywell is topped by an elliptical steel dome called a drywell head. The drywell inerted atmosphere is vented into the suppression chamber through a series of down comer pipes penetrating and supported by the drywell floor.

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