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NUDOCS is the predecessor document database to Adams

Many documents in Adams references a NUDOCS number (eg 8908100167). In a recent 2019-2021 effort, much of the NUDOCS microfiche records are being scanned and created as new Adams records with NUDOCS references.

Notice of change from NUDOCS to Adams - November 3, 1999

In conjunction with the implementation of the Agencywide Documents Access and Management System (ADAMS), on November 1, 1999 OCIO discontinued processing new documents and producing microfiche and aperture cards through the Nuclear Documents System (NUDOCS). The Headquarters Document Processing Center (DPC) is now entering the same collection of documents that were processed through NUDOCS into the ADAMS Main Library and replicating documents designated as publicly available to the NRC's external ADAMS Web site. Therefore, NRC staff should access the ADAMS Main Library, and the public should access the NRC's external ADAMS Web site, for search and retrieval of documents processed from November 1, 1999 onward.

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