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 Issue dateTitleTopic
EPID:L-2019-LLA-025214 November 2019Relocate Surveillance Frequencies to Licensee Control - RITSTF Initiative 5B
EPID:L-2019-LLA-01869 September 2019Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station, Unit 1 License Amendment Request to Extend Containment Leakage Test Interval
EPID:L-2018-JLD-017528 August 2019Request for Completion of Review of Actions Related to Beyond-Design-Basis External Events Flooding Actions
EPID:L-2017-FPR-00067 June 2019Package: Environmental Assessment and Finding of No Significant Impact for First Energy Nuclear Operating Company'S Decommissioning Funding Plan Submitted in Accordance with 10 CFR 72.30(B) and 72.30(C) for Beaver Valley ISFSI
EPID:L-2019-LRO-00166 June 2019
EPID:L-2018-LLE-00164 June 2019
EPID:L-2018-LLL-002311 April 2019
EPID:L-2019-LLM-000015 March 2019Submittal of Revision 0 of Cycle 3 Core Operating Limits Report
EPID:L-2019-JLD-000724 January 2019SRM-M190124A: Affirmation Session-SECY-16-0142: Final Rule: Mitigation of Beyond-Design-Basis Events (Rin 3150-AJ49)
EPID:L-2018-LRM-00677 November 2018Davis-Besse Nuclear Station: Pre-Application Meeting with Firstenergy Nuclear Operating Company (FENOC) Regarding the Planned Submittal of the Permantly Shutdown Emergency Plan
EPID:L-2018-LLA-028722 October 2018License Amendment Request - Proposed Changes to Technical Specifications Sections 1.1, Definitions, and 5.0, Administrative Controls, for Permanently Defueled Condition
EPID:L-2015-LLF-000119 July 2018
CAC:MF94091 November 2017
CAC:MF782223 October 2017
CAC:MF908019 October 2017
EPID:L-2018-LLL-001618 September 2017Emergency Diesel Generator Fuel Oil Storage Tank Vents Not Adequately Protected from Tornado-Generated Missiles, LER 17-001-00 for Davis-Besse, Unit 1, Regarding Emergency Diesel Generator Fuel Oil Storage Tank Vents Not Adequately Protected from Tornado-Generated Missiles
CAC:MG012011 August 2017
CAC:MG013311 August 2017
CAC:MG00781 August 2017
CAC:MG001019 July 2017
EPID:L-2017-LLE-001919 July 2017Exemption Request for Physical Barrier Requirement
CAC:MF971518 May 2017
CAC:MF971418 May 2017
CAC:MF970412 May 2017
CAC:MF791812 April 2017
CAC:MF91266 April 2017
CAC:MF37289 December 2016
CAC:MF52389 December 2016
CAC:L2482515 July 2016
CAC:MF777127 June 2016
CAC:MF778020 June 2016
CAC:MF748717 June 2016
TAC:MF778024 May 2016
CAC:MF372124 May 2016
TAC:MF762630 April 2016
CAC:MF770122 April 2016
CAC:MF762621 April 2016
CAC:MF754330 March 2016
CAC:MF58928 March 2016
CAC:MF73512 March 2016
CAC:MF739829 February 2016
CAC:MF736417 February 2016
CAC:MF09608 February 2016
CAC:MF71182 February 2016
CAC:MF71902 February 2016
CAC:MF715612 January 2016
TAC:MF711819 November 2015
CAC:MF548317 November 2015
TAC:MF618116 October 2015
TAC:MF67862 October 2015