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Forwards Third Interval Inservice Insp Program Plan for Ccnpp,Units 1 & 2, for NRC Review.Plan Satisfies Commitment Contained in Licensee to NRC
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Site: Calvert Cliffs  Constellation icon.png
Issue date: 06/01/1999
From: Cruse C
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Cuc t.ra II. CRUSE Britimore Gas r_nd Electric Company Vice President Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant Nuclear Energy 1650 Calvert Cliffs Parkway Lusby Maryland 20657 410 495-4455 ne 1,1999 U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Washington, DC 20555 ATTENTION: Document Control Desk


Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant Unit Nos.1 & 2; Docket Nos. 50-317 & 50-318 Submittal of Third Ten-Year Interval Inservice Insnection Program Plan


(a) Letter from Mr. C. H. Cruse (BGE) to Document Control Desk (NRC),

dated January 29, 1999," Proposed Alternate American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section XI Edition for Unit Nos. I and 2 Third Ten-Year Inservice Inspection Intervals Attached for your review is the Baltimore Gas and Electric Company (BGE) proposed Third Ten-Year Interval Inservice Inspection Program Plan.

As stated in Reference (a), BGE is requesting to adopt the 1998 Edition of American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Section XI (except for Subsections IWE and IWL, and Appendix VIII).

The requested edition would serve as an alternative to the 1989 Edition of ASME Section XI for the third ten-year ISI interval, which will commence July 1,1999 for Units 1 and 2. For Sections IWE and IWL, BGE will use the 1992 Edition with the 1992 Addenda of ASME Section XI, as required by 10 CFR 50.55a(b)(2)(vi); as stated in Reference (a), we will use the 1989 Edition of ASME Section XI, ,

Appendix VIII for ultrasonic examinations. Reference (a) submitted an evaluation, line-by-line analysis, l and classification of changes to the ASME Section XI Code since the publication of the 1989 Edition. '

Reference (a) also committed to submitting the related program plan by June 1,1999. The attached plan satisfies this commitment.


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NRC Document Control Desk June 1,1999 Page 2 Should you have questions regarding this matter, we will be pleased to discuss them with you.

Very truly yours, for Charles H. Cruse Vice President-Nuclear Energy CllC/EMT/ dim


(1) Third Interval Inservice Inspection Program Plan for Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant Units 1 and 2.

cc: (Without Attachment)

R. S. Fleishman, Esquire H. J. Miller, NRC J. E. Silberg, Esquire Resident Inspector,NRC S. S. Bajwa, NRC R.1. McLean, DNR A. W. Dromerick, NRC J. H. Walter, PSC a