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Submits Details on Listed Areas Re Inspection Plan of Insp Scheduled for 990203
Person / Time
Site: Calvert Cliffs  Constellation icon.png
Issue date: 02/03/1999
From: Modes M
To: Doroshuk B
NUDOCS 9902100045
Download: ML20203A614 (3)


l Michael Modes -Inspection Details Page 1 l


From: Michael Modesh To: ' Doroshuk, Barth Date: Wed, Feb 3,199911:27 AM I


Inspection Details

' From: Michael C. Modes, Division of Reactor Safety, NRC Region I,475 Allendale Rd, King of Prussia, PA 19406 To: Barth Doroshuk, Project Manager, Life Cycle Management Project, Baltimore Gas & Electric, Calvert


Cliffs Nuclear Power Station, Lusby, MD '

Time of Transmission: February 3,1999; 1


, NRR gave you a copy of our inspection plan. Tne first inspection of February 8th will cover the areas  !

discussed on page 3, items 1 and 2 of the plan. This emailis intended to give you greater detail on these l two areas so that you may be better prepared for the inspection and we can all make efficient use of our time while we are at the site.

ITEM 1 For the scoping portion of the inspection Bob Prato and Caudie Julian are going to look at the i following systems starting after the entrance meeting: 13 KVAC (Sys 003),250 VDC (Sys 016), Makeup l Demineralizer (Sys 022), Turbine Bldg Ventilation (Sys 033), Cathodic Protection (Sys 063), and Fuel )

Handling (Sys 081). For structures in the scoping portion of the inspection Herman Graves wi!!look at the Fire Pump House, Bay Weir Wall Baffle, Transformer Foundations, and DG No. 2 Bldg.

ITEM 2 Concurrently, starting after the entrance meeting, the rest of team will be incpecting the screening of the following systems: Fred Bower AFW, SW and CC; Doug Dempsey 120 VAC, MCR & DG Ventilation, and 125 VDC; Paul Kaufman, SI, Component Supports, and Piping Supports; Michael Modes, f

l Fire Protection. Caudie Julian will switch over to RCS after the Scoping portion is complete and Bob ,

Prato will switch over to Cabling. Herman Graves will be switching to the screening of the intake I Structure, Primary Bldg, and Aux Bldg. All the systems we look at for screoning are in the attachment to I the inspection plan already in your possession.

I have attached, to this email, a document that describes the specific information we will be seeking for l each of the systems we are looking at. If you have any questions please call me at (610) 337-5198 I l

I have attached a Wordperfect 8 document that gives you the details of the resources we will need lined '

up for the inspection. Any questions call 610 337 5198 Thanks Michael Modes )

I l

l I

' \


. 1  ;

1 9902100045 990203 l PDR ADOCK 05000317 l G PDR e l

II i


- _CALVERT SCOPING AND SCREENING INSPECTION SCOPING (1) Review the Calvert Scoping process to identify possible weaknesses. Use  ;

those weaknesses as a filter for the systems and structures reviewed in greater I 1 detail.

(2) Select 5 systems and 3 structures not in the Calvert scope for detailed review (A) Determine the entire population of systems and structures at Cavert Cliffs.

(B) Review the population with Regional SRA for PRA rank, then review the population with the SRI, Rl, PE and BC to acquire corporate insights.

(C) Select the systems and structures then for each one:

(1) review System Description Documents .

(ii) review training (iii) interview (a) Systems Engineer -

(b) Evaluations Engineer (c) Implementations Engineer l (d) Program Experts (iv) interview Operators '

(v) review Tech Spec and FSAR (vi) perform LER search and review (ORNL)

(vii) review for regulatory specific requirements (a) fire protection (b) EQ (c) PTS (d) ATWS (e) Station Blackout (D) Licensee supplies, for each system chosen, before onsite inspection:

(I) Design Basis Document for each system (ii) Training outline (iii) List of modifications (iv) Pertinent maintenance records (v) Work arounds end T mods (vi) Corrective Actions (vii) EOP's involving system or structure (viii) Safety Function Statement (ix) Tech. Spec. requirements: surveillance and LCO (x) Q list status (xi) PI & D SCREENING (1) For the systems listed in Attachment la to the inspection plan verify at the system level using the criteria of BG & E template

- (A) Each function, component and boundary was developed by the licensee in conformance with the stated program requirements.

- (2) For the components listed in each system above determine that the component conforms with the stated criteria without regard to wether the component was screened in or out by the licensee.

(B) Determine that the life (long or short) and state (active or passive) of each component was determined in accordance with established criteria.


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