10 CFR 52.35, Use of Site for Other Purposes

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Use of site for other purposes A site for which an early site permit has been issued under this subpart may be used for purposes other than those described in the permit, including the location of other types of energy facilities. The permit holder shall inform the Director, Office of New Reactors or Director, Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, as appropriate, (Director) of any significant uses for the site which have not been approved in the early site permit. The information about the activities must be given to the Director at least 30 days in advance of any actual construction or site modification for the activities. The information provided could be the basis for imposing new requirements on the permit, in accordance with the provisions of § 52.39. If the permit holder informs the Director that the holder no longer intends to use the site for a nuclear power plant, the Director may terminate the permit.

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