10 CFR 14

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===Subpart A-General===

14.1 Scope of regulations.
14.3 Limit on attorney fees; penalty.

===Subpart B-Filing Procedures and Requirements===

14.11 Who may file a claim.
14.13 When is a claim presented to NRC.
14.15 Where to present a claim to NRC.
14.17 A claim must be presented to the appropriate agency.
14.19 When a claim is filed with more than one agency.
14.21 Filing a claim after an agency final denial.
14.23 Evidence and information to be submitted.
14.25 Amending a claim.
14.27 Time limit.

===Subpart C-Commission Action and Authority===

14.31 Investigation.
14.33 Officials authorized to act.
14.35 Limitation on NRC's authority.
14.37 Final denial of claim.
14.39 Reconsideration of a claim.
14.41 Payment of approved claims.
14.43 Acceptance of payment constitutes release.

===Subpart D-Employee Drivers===

14.51 Procedures when employee drivers are sued.
14.53 Scope of employment report.
14.55 Removal of State court proceedings.
14.57 Suit against the United States exclusive remedy.

Authority: Federal Tort Claims Act (28 U.S.C. 2672, 2679); Government Paperwork Elimination Act sec. 161 (42 U.S.C. 2201); 28 CFR 14.11.
Source: 47 FR 8983, Mar. 3, 1982, unless otherwise noted.

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