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 Entered dateSiteRegionReactor typeEvent description
ENS 405053 February 2004 19:24:00SeabrookNRC Region 1Westinghouse PWR 4-Loop

Discovered vulnerability in a safeguard system that could allow unauthorized or undetected access to safeguards material for which compensatory measures have not been employed. The licensee will be notifying the NRC Resident Inspector. Contact the Headquarters Operations Officer for additional details.

  • * * * RETRACTION FROM D. RITTER TO M. RIPLEY 1748 ET 02/04/04 * * * *

Seabrook Station is retracting the one-hour notification made at 1924, 3 Feb 04 under EN # 40505. Upon further review of reporting criteria, the incident will be documented in the station's Security Event Log. The licensee will notify the NRC Resident Inspector and NRC Region 1 office. Notified R1 DO (J. Kinneman) and NSIR TAS (A. Danis).

ENS 4045316 January 2004 08:06:00SeabrookNRC Region 1Westinghouse PWR 4-LoopFPL Energy Seabrook has determined that a Substantial Safety Hazard could exist regarding an undersized Emergency Feedwater Pump shaft in accordance with the requirements of 10CFR21. Therefore, FPL Energy Seabrook is reporting this deficiency to the NRC in accordance with 10CFR21. This Part 21 evaluation documents a deficiency in a rotating assembly for an Emergency Feedwater Pump refurbished at the Flowserve Charlotte Service Center - Charlotte, NC. The defect was an undersized shaft that was .001 inches smaller than the minimum diameter specified by the vendor. The shaft dimensions are considered to be proprietary by the vendor, so the undersized condition could not be identified by FPL Energy Seabrook personnel prior to installation. The undersized shaft was discovered during post-maintenance testing following shaft replacement. The NRC Resident Inspector will be informed.
ENS 404328 January 2004 18:45:00SeabrookNRC Region 1Westinghouse PWR 4-Loop

The licensee reported that the upper lights on the meteorological tower were not working. The licensee made an offsite notification to the FAA and will initiate corrective actions. The licensee notified the NRC resident inspector.

  • * * UPDATE ON 01/09/04 @ 0859 BY RITTER TO GOULD * * * RETRACTION

The licensee is retracting this notification after a further review of the reporting requirements determined that the notification was unnecessary. The condition reported to other government agencies was not related to the radiological health and safety of the public or onsite personnel or the protection of the environment. The NRC Resident Inspector was informed. Notified Reg 1 RDO (Noggle)

ENS 4041022 December 2003 16:43:00SeabrookNRC Region 1Westinghouse PWR 4-LoopFPL Energy Seabrook notified the EPA and NHDES (New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services) this afternoon (12/22/03) at 3:30 pm of unusually high impingement of small fish during the last two weeks caused by a series of strong storms. This notification was made under FPL Energy's Seabrook NPDES permit Part 1.A.24.e. Most of the fish were small and included silversides, winter flounder, windowpane flounder, cod, smelt, and several other species. The biomass of the fish was relatively small. The licensee notified the NRC Resident Inspector.
ENS 4030810 November 2003 09:45:00SeabrookNRC Region 1Westinghouse PWR 4-LoopA 1/8 inch sealant injection plug for the Main Generator was discovered out of it's location. This allowed the leakage of hydrogen gas into the Turbine Building. Fire Brigade leader responded and observed a flammable concentration of hydrogen. All available ventilation was initiated, and non-essential personnel were evacuated from the 75 foot level of the Turbine Building. Maintenance personnel responded and were able to reinstall the plug. Hydrogen levels were reduced to less than flammable. No radiological release occurred or is expected. An Unusual Event was declared at 0908 on 11/10/2003 and terminated at 0908. Unusual Event was declared based on EAL 18a.3 - Release of toxic or flammable gas from anywhere near site or on site that may adversely impact normal station operations. The licensee notified the NRC Resident Inspector and New Hampshire.
ENS 4028631 October 2003 21:15:00SeabrookNRC Region 1Westinghouse PWR 4-LoopAutomatic Reactor Trip due to low Steam Generator levels. All systems responded normally. Plant is stable at NOT/NOP (normal operating temperature and pressure) in Mode 3. Emergency Feedwater system actuated as designed due to reactor trip. Lowest Steam Generator level reached was just below the trip setpoint of 25%. Low level caused by trip of one of two Main Feed Pumps. All control rods fully inserted. No primary or secondary relief valves lifted. The electrical system is stable and the EDG's remain in standby. Decay heat is being removed via steam dumps. The licensee has notified the NRC Resident Inspector.
ENS 402318 October 2003 12:20:00SeabrookNRC Region 1Westinghouse PWR 4-Loop

Security weapon and holster left unattended. Immediate compensatory actions taken upon discovery. Contact the HOO for details. The licensee will be notifying the NRC Resident Inspector and has notified the R1TAS (Greg Smith).


The licensee is retracting this report based upon further review. Contact the HOO for details. The licensee will inform the NRC Resident Inspector. Notified R1DO (Ron Bellamy).

ENS 402287 October 2003 18:13:00SeabrookNRC Region 1Westinghouse PWR 4-Loop

At 1100 EDT on October 7, 2003, Seabrook Station concluded that the source of small boron deposits on the Reactor Vessel Head was a leaking conoseal weld on a CRDM housing. The defect in primary coolant is not acceptable per ASME XI. This condition is reportable pursuant to 10 CFR 50.72 (b)(3)(ii). The caller stated that through testing it is indicated that the leak had occurred in the last 2 months. A small amount of boric acid crystals was found. The NRC Resident Inspector was notified of this event by the licensee.

  • * * UPDATE ON 10/14/03 @ 1709 BY BEMIS TO GOULD * * *

This report supplements and retracts the 8 hour notification (Event Number 40228) made on October 7, 2003 pursuant to 10CFR50.72(b)(3)(ii)(A) documenting reactor coolant system pressure boundary leakage. FPL Energy Seabrook has determined that the initial report, although conservative, inappropriately interpreted canopy seal degradation to be pressure boundary leakage. The canopy seal weld is neither a structural weld nor a pressure retaining weld comprising the reactor coolant system pressure boundary. Therefore, the initial report is being retracted. A permanent plant design is being developed to repair the canopy seal using a standard canopy seal clamp and will be installed prior to startup from the current refueling outage. The NRC Resident Inspector was notified. Notified Reg 1 RDO (MCDERMOTT)

ENS 4016216 September 2003 12:35:00SeabrookNRC Region 1Westinghouse PWR 4-LoopA contract employee, apparently suffered a heart attack, while in processing for Refueling Outage 09. The employee was treated by the site EMTs and transported to the hospital. It was subsequently reported that the employee passed away. Notification that the employee expired was at 11:03 EST. The licensee notified OSHA as required for a heart attack fatality. The NRC Resident Inspector was notified.
ENS 4015915 September 2003 21:40:00SeabrookNRC Region 1Westinghouse PWR 4-LoopThe licensee reported an apparent abnormality involving Boral spent fuel pool test coupons. Westinghouse built the spent fuel pool racks using Boral material manufactured by ARR Inc. Specifically, inspection of test coupons revealed bulging or blistering of the aluminum cladding. The information provided by the licensee does not include any other affected plants.