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Forwards Initial SALP Repts 50-456/91-01 & 50-457/92-01 Covering May 1991 Through Sept 1992.Areas of Security & Maint/Surveillance Maintained Category 1 Ratings.Performance Re Emergency Planning Declined to Category 2
Person / Time
Site: Braidwood Exelon icon.png
Issue date: 11/25/1992
From: Davis A
To: Reed C
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See also: IR 05000457/1992001




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Docket No. 50-456

Docket No. 50-457



Commonwealth Edison Company

ATIN: Mr. Cordell Reed

Senior Vic.e President

Opus West 111

1400 Opus Place

Downers Grove, IL 60515

Dear Mr. Reed:

Enclosed for your review, before our schedulea meeting of December 18, 1992,

is the Initial SALP 11 Report for the Braidwoed Station, covering the period

May 1, 1931 through September 30, 1992.


in accordance with NRC policy, I have reviewed the SALP Board Auessment and

concur with their ratings. It is my vien that your conduct (,f nuclear

activities in connection with the Braidwood facility was good.

Specific areas I would like to highlight are:

1. The areas of maintenance / surveillance, and security retained Category I


2. lhe areas of plant operations, and safety assessment / quality

verification improved with Categt,ry 2.Im) roving ratings. A significant

factor in the improved ratings was the statdown risk program, which has

resulted in the elimination of shutdown risk associated events during

this period.

3. The area of-engineering and technical support improved and was rated

Category 2 improving during this assessment period. Improvement was

noted in many areas, most notably in the involvement of engineering in

day to day operations, monitoring of equipment performance.and

maintenance activities. Management challenges will be to address

problems in the motor operated valve program and to sustain improvement '


4. The area of radiological controls retained a Category 2 rating,

improvements in the areas of staffing. ALARA trogram, and radiological

chemistry laboratory proficiency were offset ay the impact of

contaminated areas on operator roundx and worker contamination control


5. Performance in the area of emergency preparedness declined during this

period and was rated Category 2. The lower rating was due primarily to


training deficiencies caused by the failure to fill the EP trainer

L . position in a tiuely manner, and the. failure to identify technical-

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ADOCK 05000456


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HOV 2 5 *.332

Commonwealth Edison Company 2

At the SALP meeting, you should be prepared to discuss our assessments. The

meeting is intended to be a candid cialogue wherein any comments you may have

regarding our report are discussed. Additionally, you may provide written

comments within 30 days after the meeting. Your comments, a summary of our

meeting, and my disposition of your comments will be issued as the final SALP


In accordance with Section 2.790 of the NRC's " Rules of Practice," Part 2,

Title 10, Code of Federal Regulations, a copy of this letter and the Initial sal.P

Report will be placed in the NRC's Public Document Room.

Should you have any questions concerning the Initial SALP Rc sort, we would be

pleased to discuss them with you.


& '

> M I;.Berthavis


Enclosure: Initial SALP 11

Report No. 50-456/92001;S0-457/92001

cc w/ enclosure:

M. Wallace, Vice President.

PWR Operations

T. Kovach,' Nuclear

Licensing Manager-

A. Checca. Nuclear

Licensing Administrator

K. Kofron, Station Manager

A. Haeger, Regulatory

Assurance Supervisor



Resident inspectors, Byron.-


D. W. Cassel, Jr., Esq.

-Richard Hubbard '

J. W. McCaffrey, Chief, Public

Utilities Division

Licensing Project Mgr., NRR :

Robert Newmann, Office of Public ,

Counsel -State of Illinois Center '

INP0; ';


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Commonwealth Edison Company 3 Hoy 2 51992 !




Distribution .C_o.nb. ,


The Chairman

K. C. Rogers, Commissior .r i

J. R. Curtiss, Commissi. ,er

F. J. Remick, Commission >.ir

E. G. de Plangue, Commissioner

J.11. Sniezek, DEDR

T. E. Hurley, Director, NRR

State Liaison Of ficer, State ,


of Illinois

Chief,RPEB,NRR(2 copies)

J. E. Dyer, NRR Director, Project Directorate Ill- 2

J. -Lieberman, Director, Office of Enforcement-

C. D. Pederson, Rill

L. L. Cox, Rill (2 copies)

TSS Rill

Rill Files

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