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Forwards Insp Repts 50-352/PA-94-01 & 50-353/PA-94-01 for Docketing,Distribution & Any Other Action Deemed Necessary
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Site: Limerick Exelon icon.png
Issue date: 07/06/1994
From: Janati R
To: Hehl C
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COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA DFPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESOURCES PEN N SYLVANI A P.O. Box 8469 Harris , PA 105-8469 (717) 783-9490 Bureau of Radiation Protection Mr. Charles W. Hehl, Director Division of Radiation Safety and Safeguards U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Region I 475 Allendale Road King of Prussia, PA 19406


Pennsylvania LLRW Shipment Inspection Report No. 50-352/PA-94-01; 50-353/PA-94-01

Dear Mr. Hehl:

On May 26, 1994, our nuclear engineer, Mr. S.P. Maingi performed an inspection of LLRW shipment No.94-006 at the Limerick Generating Station. A copy of the inspection report No. 50-352/PA-94-01 and SU-353/PA-94-01 is enclosed with this letter. This report is being forwarded to you for docketing, distribution, and any other action you may deem necessary. This inspection was conducted under the provisions of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). A copy of this letter and our inspection report is being forwarded to the Philadelphia Electric Company for their information.

Withir the scope of this inspection, no violations or deviations were noted.

Your cooperation with our staff and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is appreciated.

Sincerely, L e Richard R. Janati Chief Division of Nuclear Safety Enclosure cc: D.M. Smith, Senior Vice-President, PECO 9408090155 940722 PDR O ADOCK 05000352 PDR An Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action Employer Recycled Peper ;

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