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Forwards Biweekly Status Rept on Independent Review of Util Project Mgt Covering Period 830507-20
Person / Time
Site: Zimmer
Issue date: 05/31/1983
From: Neylan A
To: Dickhoner W
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PO.Dox85608 San D.ogo Cetfomw 92138 gp ,

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T* phono; (619; 455 2654 r)/RA e-.- -

A t>mion of GA Technologies Inc. ITRA E9. - -

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May 31, 1983 -

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Project 2474 gger I -

TPT:CG&E-012 ye I t j FtLL M H Mr. W. H. Dickhoner President and Chief Executive Officer Cincinnati Gas and Electric Company 139 East Fourth Street Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 ,

Dear Mr. Dickhoner:

Enclosed is the biweekly status report on our Independent Review of ZIMMER Project Management, cotering the period May 7 through May 20, 1983 Copies of this report are being sent to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission in accordance with the " Protocol Governing Communications between CG&E and Independent Organizations Conducting Reviews or Audits under the Commission's Order," Docket No. 50-358.

If you have any questions regarding the contents of this report, please call me.

Sincerely, J

A. J. Neylan Project Manager Enclosure Copies w/ Encl.

7 - @* rh *' p'P ,

g o, .

d. G. Keppler (NRC) TGIIDI U ' 7 #

J. Lieberman (NRC) p"' "TGUATED ORIGINAL '

J. H. Sniezels' (NRC)

W J. Wr NR Certif3ct By, D J. Williams, Jr. (CG&E)

Director, Office of Special Cases (NRC)

Zimmer Project Inspector Zimmer Section Chief (NRC)

Zimmer Sr. Resident Inspector _.I.- Of 8306070354 830531 PDR ADDCK 05000358 JM 31983 ,/i R PDR

INDEPENDENT HEVIEW OF ZIMMER PROJECT MANAGEMENT BIWEEKLY STATUS REPORT NO. 2 FOR THE PERIOD ENDING MAY 20, 1983 The status report below is in reference to the Torrey Pines Technology Program Plan, document number GA-C17044, "Indepen-dent Review of ZIMMER Project Management," dated March, 1983 Summaries were prepared, and distributed for information to the Survey Team, of the interviews conducted during the initial visit to the ZIMMER site, ending on May 6, 1983 the documents which were brought back to San Diego by the initial Survey Team, were entered into the TPT ZIMMER data base and were studied by TPT team members in preparation for the second visit to ZIMMER.

The TPT Program Plan for this review was revised to emphasize-the review of CG&E's management of the ZIMMER Project, as follows:

e The review is to include past management policies and procedures , i.e., it is not limited to the date of the Stop Work Order (SWO) as proposed in the initial version of the Program Plan. Four key periods will be considered:

(a) Inception to 1976 (b) 1976 to IAL ,

(c) IAL to SWO (d) Post-SWO e CG&E interfaces with Catalytic Corporation will be added to the scope.

e In the QA, QCP and interfaces with subcontractors' tasks, the focus will be on management rather than being a proce-dural and documentation review.

e An historical review of the prior transition from construction to operations phases from inception to November, 1982 will be added to provide an insight into the effectiveness of the program. This insight will be used to develop recommendations for the future.


  • Diweekly Status Report No. 2 for the period ending May 20, 1983 Page Two e An additional task to evaluate CG&E management by a " case study" approach will be added. The objective is to assess CG&E management's role and behavior in response to selected specific problems and/or series of events as a crosscheck on the observations and conclusions reached separately on other tasks. The following four " cases" are to be considered:

(a) Control room structural steel (b) Attitude toward whist 1'eblowers (c) 2400 feet of small-bore pipe (d) Welder qualification The TPT review procedures were revised in accordance with the changes in the program plan. A revised schedule and cost estimate were prepared based on the revised program plan.

  • Preparations were initiated for a public meeting with NRC on May 26, 1983 Four TPT people returned to Cincinnati on May 18 to begin locating and getting familiar with the various document files at the ZIMMER site and at the downtown CG&E offices. This will expedite the familiarization of the remainder of the team which will arrive on May 23 Copies of selected pertinent documents were obtained, primarily CG&E internal memos, and correspondence between CG&E and the NRC, Sargent and Lundy, Henry J. Kaiser Company, General Electric, etc. A listing of the documents obtained will be included in the listing for the next report, for the period ending June 3 In addition to the document file reviews, brief interviews were conducted with the following people:

CG&E: J. Anderson R .. Donnellon T. O'Farrell H. Gadd i

J. Herman Catalytic: D. Hyster B. Stanley McDaniels & Associates: R. Spence Former"CG&E Vice President -

Nuclear Operations: R. Sylvia (in Washington, D.C.)

Through May 20, 1983, a total of 3,172 manhours had been expended and the project was on schedule in accordance with the Project Schedule given in the revised program plan.

__ _