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Forwards Fee for 830405 Proposed Changes to Tech Spec Sections 2.2,2.B & Table 3.11.1,per 10CFR170
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Issue date: 06/01/1983
From: Harrington W
To: Vassallo D
Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation
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l BOSTON EDISON COMPANY 800 BOYLSTON STREET BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS D2199 WILLIAM D. HARRINGTON NVIL.AW June 1, 1983 BECo Letter No.83-140 Mr. Domenic B. Yassallo, Chief Operating Reactors Branch #2 Division of Licensing Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Washington, D.C. 20555 License No. DPR-35 Docket No. 50-293


Remittance of Fees for Technical Specification Changes


PNPS Proposed Technical Specification Changes contained in a letter dated April 5,1983 from Mr. W.D. Harrington (Boston Edison) to Mr.

Domenic B. Yassallo (NRC).

Dear Sir:

In the reference, we requested changes concerning Sections 2.2, 2.B and Table 3.11.1 of PNPS Technical Specifications. The letter also stated that a check for

$4000 would be remitted under a separate cover letter in payment of filing fees mandated by 10CFR170.

Please find enclosed Boston Edison Check #814165 as payment of that fee.

Very truly yours,


Check #814165 dated May 16, 1983.

l h I go 8306070348 830601 PDR ADOCK 05000293 P


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