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Tech Spec Change Request NPF-11/83-02 to License NPF-11, Changing Tech Specs to Reduce Level Requirements for Carbon Dioxide Storage Tanks
Person / Time
Site: LaSalle Exelon icon.png
Issue date: 02/24/1983
From: Schroeder C
To: Schwencer A
Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation
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CN Commonwealth Edison

[O )) one First National

' Address Plan Chicago, l!hnois

\ Reply to: Post Othc3 Box 767 Chicago, Illinois 60690 February 24, 1983 Director of Nuclear Reactor Regulation Attention: Mr. A. Schwencer, Chief Licensing Branch No. 2 Division of Licensing U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Washington, DC 20555


LaSalle County Station Unit 1 Proposed Amendment to NPF-11 Appendix A Technical Specifications Regarding CO2 Tank Level NRC Docket No. 50-373

Dear Sir:

The purpose of this letter is to request the following change in Technical Specifications for LaSalle County Station Unit 1:

Change Request NPF-ll/83-02 Revise the level requirements for the CO2 storage tanks. This change is a single issue which does not involve a significant hazards consideration, and, as such, is one example of a Class III amendment.

This proposed change is addressed in the attachment and has received onsite and offsite review and approval. Attachment B lists the status of Technical Specification Change Requests for LaSalle.

Pursuant to 10 CFR 170, this change reflects one example of a Class III amendment. A remittance of $4,000.00 is, therefore, enclosed.

Please contact this office if there are any questions in this matter.

Three (3) signed originals and forty (40) copies of this transmittal and attachments are provided for your use.

Very truly yours, Ll2.af)S3 C. W. Schroeder Nuclear Licensing Administrator 1m Attachments cc: NRC Resident Inspector - LSCS SUBSCRIBED'and SWORN to e before mp this W/dday of Mt/unn<n/ , 1983 M m h L $.- JL U 00 Notary Public 8303020004 830224 (get$k,D 6053N PDR ADOCK 05000373 PDR.

.P . _ _ _ . _ ,