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Responds to 830426 Ltr Re SER on Environ Qualification of safety-related Electrical Equipment.Review Identified No Item in NRC Category Ii.B Requiring Justification for Continued Operation
Person / Time
Site: Sequoyah Tennessee Valley Authority icon.png
Issue date: 05/12/1983
From: Mills L
To: Adensam E
Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation
Download: ML20023C284 (1)



9 TENNESSEE VALLEY AUTHORITY i SN'Yheshnu^t'StNeetTEweNYI May 12, 1983 Director of Nuclear Reactor Regulation Attention: Ms. E. Adensam, Chief Licensing Branch No. 11 Division of Licensing U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Washington, D.C. 20555

Dear Ms. Adensam:

In the Matter of ) Docket Nos. 50-327 Tennessee Valley Authority ) 50-328 Please refer to your letter to H. G. Parris dated April 26, 1983 concerning the Safety Evaluation for Environmental Qualification of Safety-Related Electrical Equipment at the Sequoyah Nuclear Plant.

We have reviewed the Safety Evaluation and the Technical Evaluation Report for the Environmental Qualification of Safety-Related Electrical Equipment and we have identified no item in NRC Category II.B which requires a justification for continued operation.

Very truly yours, TENNESSEE VALLEY AUTHORITY L. M. Mills,' Manager Nuclear Licensing Sworn to subscribed fore me this ay of .

/L v/ 1983 b4 (


Notary Public My Commission Expires cc: U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Region II Attn: Mr. James P. O'Reilly, Regional Administrator 101 Marietta Street, Suite 2900 Atlanta, Georgia 30303 l

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