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Forwards Monthly Operating Rept for Apr 1983
Person / Time
Site: Salem PSEG icon.png
Issue date: 05/10/1983
From: Zupko J
Public Service Enterprise Group
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O PSEG Public Service Electric and Gas Company P.O. Box E Hancocks Br idge, New Jersey 08038 Salem Generating Station May 10, 1983 Director, Office of Inspection and Enforcement U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Washington, DC 20555

Dear Sir:

MONTHLY OPERATING REPORT SALEM NO. 2 DOCKET NO. 50-311 In Compliance with Section 6.9, Reporting Requirements for the Salem Technical Specifications, 10 copies of the following monthly operating reports for the month of April 1983 are being sent to you.

Average Daily Unit Power Level Operating Data Report Unit Shutdowns and Power Reductions Major Plant Modification Summary of Safety Related Maintenance Operating Summary Refueling Information Sincerely yours,

t. l LL /' h.

J. M. Zupko, Jr.

General Manager - Salem Operations

[M[LKM:mdw g

cc: Mr. J. Allan Acting Regional Administrator USNRC Region I 631 Park Avenue l King of Prussia, PA 19406 Director, Office of Management Information and Program Control f U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission '~(h kk(i '

Washington, DC 20555 .-


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