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LER 83-026/03L-0:on 830411,while Establishing EECW Flow Rate to Emergency Diesel 3 Generator Cooler Following Mod,Head on HX Found Cracked,Rendering Generator Inoperable.Caused by Mfg Defect.Crack in Cast Iron Head Repaired
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Site: Browns Ferry Tennessee Valley Authority icon.png
Issue date: 05/09/1983
From: Holder E
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    .          Rc' ro Au uc.                                                                    u.s. nuct.can aroui.aToa v couusse,oM                                                                                 APPROVED DY oMD y'o'/PM.c i                 o                                                                       LICENSEE EVENT REPORT                                                                                           3150-0011 CONTROL B LOCK: l                          l       l      l     l      l                                           (PLEASE PRINT oR TYPE ALL REQUIREo INFoRMATION) l O l1.. l l ALICl L!
             ,                                    BI RI Fl 3l@l 0 l 0 l -I LICO!E N0l ENSE E CODE                   ..        .5 O! O! 0 l -l 0 l 0l@l4 l1 l1 l 1l 1l@l.*CAF
                                                                                                                     .E NU M B E R                                        .5        .. L,C E N S E T V PE   3.

3 S. I@ CON'T l 011 l "o u' 3 i Ll@l0 l 5 l 0DOCKl 0E Tl NUMB 0 lER2l 91 6!@l 0 l 4EVENTD.TE l 1l 1l 8l 3l@l 0 l 5l 0l 9l 8l 3 l@

             ,          .                         ..               .,                                                       ..               ..                                        7.       .9        R E POR T O.T E        .9 EVENT CESCRIPTION AND PROBABLE CONSEQUENCES l 0 l2 l l Durinn normal operation on unit 3. while attempting to establish the EECW h

l l013Il flow rate to the 3 ED Emergency Diesel-Generator Coolers followine a l lo l4 ll modification, a head on the heat exchanger was found to be cracked. The l lol5ll generator was rendered inoperable and unit 3 placed in an LCO (T.S. 3.9.B.2). l

           !016ll Redundant systems were proven operable. There was no danger to the health                                                                                                                                                    l l0l7ll and SafetV of the Dublic.                                                                                                                                                                                                    l 10laIl
                                                        =                        =               .::n:E                               C....EN,C..E                                     .::::.E .::n:E l0 l9 l                                 l E l E l h M,, b d,, h l HIT lElXlClHlh [G._]b d.. b L

E.EN,,E. :::::,~=.' ~=~ ~=' ~ =: - h".ER/AO,E ; ,,"l8l3l l, l l0 l21 6l l/l l 013 l lL l l-l [0_l

                         = =:                                    ::::::,                ==~                             ..R.                                                  .:::=.. ~;::.= -                            :==E R@

L.nJO L.A 18 U@ 33 3 33 L.IJ O 3 I ol of o I ol._.I@ 37 .e YJ ==O L.,.I.18 L.3.LI O l Y! Ol2 l1 I CAUSE DESCRIPTION AND CORRECTtVE ACTIONS h (1l0 ll A Young Radiator Company heat exchanger head was found to have an apparent l ltl1 ll manufacturing defect which became apparent due to inservice stresses. The l I l2ll crack in the cast iron head was repaired, tested and the diesel generator was l l 1 l 3 I [_r, turned to service. A newly f abricated head will be installed at the l

I1l4Il on r1 i nn t opportunity. l ST.T 5 % POW E R OTHER.T.TU. 1.COVERY D,sCO VE R V D E .C R lPT ,oM l t l s**l l E l @ l* 0 l 9l 9J@l _

NA lAl l@l Operator observation l

                      . C r. .        C o ,'. T E ,.,

N E m .E ..r v. op rem... ... op .C.,,,,,

                                                                                                         @                                                                      loc . T,oM o, R Eu .. E l        l il 61 lZ l @ [ Zj@l                                                    NA                                   l                      l                                          NA                                                l
, .. .. ,, .. .. ..

N MBER TYPE D E S CR,PTION l 1 l 7 l l 0 10 l 0 l@[.Zj@l NA l P E R .ONN R L .NJU R ,E. l 8..l l0 l0 l 0 l@l ,, ,, NA l

                            .E o'E.C R :r oL' * "@

l 1 l 9 l l Z l@l NA l


j . . .u t I,"

  • f '.'C R . r m,. @ NHC USE ONLY l 2 l o l l N l@l NA l lllllllllllll l N AME oF PREPARER E. T. Holder pgang (2d5)729-0885 8305170034 830509
      - PDR ADOCK 05000296 g                                                PDR

1 - 3 . Tennessee Valley Authority Form BF'17 b

                      ' Browns Ferry Nucle m Plant                                                    BF 15.2 2/17/82 e


BFRO 296 / 83026 Technical Specification Involved 3.9.B.2 Reported Under Technical Specification 6.7.2.b(2)
  • Date Due NRC 5/10/83 Event Narrative:

. Units 1, 2 and 3 were operating at 81-percent power, 83-percent power and 99-percent power respectively. Only unit 3 was affected by this event.

Af ter performing modification work on the 3 ED Emergency Diesel-Generator Cooler, one of the heat exchanger heads was found to be cracked, apparently due to a manufacturing defect, when the flow rate to,the EECW cooler was established. The genecator was dec'lared inoperable and unit 3 was placed in an LCO (Technical Specification 3.9.B.2). ,

The crack in the cast iron head was repaired, tested and the diesel-generator returned to service in four days. A newly fabricated head will be installed at the next opportunity. Metallurgical personnel feel this was a random occurrence and no further review is planned. Redundant and backup systems were proven operable. There was no danger to the health and safety of the public. s l , 1 ( . b< t,

  • Previous Similar Events:


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