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Submission of Contention 161 Re DS-416 Circuit Breakers for Safe Shutdown Defects & Possible Malfunction.Documents from Which Basis Derived Unavailable Until 830420.Certificate of Svc Encl
Person / Time
Site: Harris Duke energy icon.png
Issue date: 05/07/1983
From: Eddleman W
Download: ML20023C195 (2)




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- P,39 b.

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Glenn O. Bright V j ~g \@

Dr. James H. Carpenter James L. Kelley, Chairman In the Matter of

) Dockets 50 400 OL CAROLINA POWER AND LIGHT CO. et al. ) ,

50 401 OL (Shearon }farris Nuclear Power Plant, )

Units 1 ani 2) ) ASLBP No. 82-h68-01

) OL Contention re DS-k16 circuit breakers for safe reactor shutdown at Harris (based on new info )

Wells Eddlenan hereby files the contention (#161) below, which could not have been filed previously because its basis was not known to me before 5-7-83 and not available before E-20-83:

Contention 161: Applicants have not demonstrated that the Enrris nuclear reactors can be safely shut down when shutdown is r~cuired, e i

because of defects and possible nalfunction of' West?nghouse DS-h16 circuit breakers used in the safety-related shutdown systens at Harris, BASIS:

ff4-5 (InsideNRc5-2-83): Westinghouse has reported to NRC on h-20-63 that it has found defects whfch can cause the DS-h16 1

i circuit breakers to nalfunction which "could create conditions under

! which the RT3xs (reactor trip breakers ) night not open autonatically

(, 030-boo on demand fron the reactor protection sy sten."

I oo This failure could mS cause an ATWS event like that which occurred at Salen, especially m

g given the use of the sane type breaker in Harris' redundant shutdown OC

$@ systens.

ATWS events .at or near full power pose a very great danger

! Sct

'g to the health and safety of the oublic. Therefore, Apli cants nust dencastrate that the DS-h16 breakers at Harris will not fail and g cause a failure to shut down a Harris reactor when that's necessary.


UNITED STATES OF A! ERICA' NUCLFAR REGULATOFY C010iISSION In the natter of CAROLISA POWED. k - LIG HT CO . Et al . ) Dockets 50-h00 Shearon Harris Nuclear Power Plant, Units 1 and 2 ) ,and 501.E01 0.L.

CERTIFICATEOFSFiLVICh Contention;re DS-h16 circuit breakers I hereby certify that copies of for safe reactor shutdown at Harris (based on new info)

HAVE been served this 7 _ day of _ May 198J , by deposit in !

the US Mail, first-class postage prepaid, upon all parties whose nanes are listed below, except tho se whose nanes are marked with an asterisk, for whom service was acconplished by hand Judges James Kelley, Glenn Bright and Janas Carpenter (1 copy each)

Atonic Safety and Licensing Board US Nuclear Regulatory Comission Washington DC 20555 GeorEe F. Trowbridge (attorney for Aeplicants) i Shaw, Pittman, Potts & Trowbridge R uthanne G. Miller 1600 M St. NW ASLB Panel Washington, DC 20036 USNRC Washington DC 2C55 5 Office of the hecutive Legal Director 111s Lotchin, Ph.D.

Attn Docke ts 50-400/kol 0.L. Ph53ridle'Run 10 USNRC Chanel Hill NC 2751h Washington DC 20555

  • Dan Read Docketing and Service Section CHAN2/FLP Attn Docke ts 50-k00/h01 0.L. Box 52h Office of the Secretary Chapel Hill NC 2751h USNRC Washington DC 20555 _- .:
  • John Runkle Karen E. Lons -

CCNC Public Staff Atty ..

307 Granville Rd Box 991 .

Chapel Hill Ne 2751h Raleig,h, NC 27602 Bradley W. Jones USNRC Region II

'Travi s Payne 101 Marietta St. -

Edelstein & Payne Atlanta GA 30303 Box 126h3 Raleigh NC 27605 Richard Wilson, M.D. Certified by **A~-

729 Hunter St. .

Apex NC 27502

_ _ _ , - _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .