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Notice of Meeting with First Energy Nuclear Operating Company (FENOC) Re at the Licensee'S Request, the Preliminary Yellow Finding Regarding Personal Home Alerting Devices Which Are a Part of the Alert and Notification Systems
Person / Time
Site: Beaver Valley FirstEnergy icon.png
Issue date: 04/29/2002
From: Rogge J
02-027, MN 02-027
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Facility: Beaver Valley Power Station Docket Nos: 50-334 and 50-412 Time and Date: 9:30 a.m. on May 15, 2002 Location: U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Region I Public Meeting Room 475 Allendale Road King of Prussia, Pennsylvania 19406


This meeting is to discuss, at the licensees request, the preliminary yellow finding regarding personal home alerting devices which are a part of the alert and notification systems.

NRC Attendees: H. Miller, Regional Administrator, Region I B. Holian, Deputy Director, Division of Reactor Projects (DRP)

R. Crlenjak, Deputy Division Director, Division of Reactor of Safety (DRS)

D. Holody, Region I, Enforcement Coordinator R. Conte, Chief, Operational Safety Branch, DRS J. Rogge, Chief, Reactor Projects Branch 7, DRP K. Gibson, Chief, Emergency Preparedness and Health Physics Section D. Silk, Senior Emergency Preparedness Inspector, DRS P. Milligan, Emergency Preparedness Specialist Licensee Attendees: L. Meyers, Senior Vice President J. Lash, Director of Personnel Development L. Freeland, Manager of Regulatory Affairs / Corrective Actions S. Vicinie, Manager of Emergency Preparedness B. Sepelak, Licensing Engineer

2 Note: This meeting is open to the public for observation. Public feedback will be solicited on how well the NRC staff communicated its message at the meeting. Following the meeting, the NRC staff will be available to address questions or comments from members of the public pertaining to our enforcement process under the Reactor Oversight Process. Attendance by additional NRC personnel or handicapped persons requiring assistance to attend or participate in the meeting should be made known by May 8, 2002, to John Rogge, Region I, at (610) 337-5146.


Approved By:

John Rogge, Chief Projects Branch 7 Division of Reactor Projects Distribution:

Mr. L. W. Myers, Senior Vice President FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Company Commonwealth of Pennsylvania State of Ohio State of West Virginia Regional Administrator Secretary, RI Deputy Regional Administrator Secretary, RI DRP Division Secretary, RI DRS Division Secretary, RI DRM Division Secretary, RI DNMS Division Secretary, RI Region I Receptionist Region I Docket Room (with concurrences)

3 Distribution (Via E-Mail):

W. Travers, Executive Director for Operations, OEDO W. Kane, Deputy Executive Director for Regulatory Programs, OEDO T. Bergman, Region I Coordinator, OEDO S. Collins, Director, Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation (NRR)

B. Boger, Director, Division of Inspection Program Management, NRR C. Grimes, Director, Division of Regulatory Improvement Programs, NRR J. Zwolinski, Director, Division of Licensing Project Management, NRR J. Johnson, Deputy Director, Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research (NRR)

F. Congel, Director, Office of Enforcement S. Richards, NRR D. Collins, PM, NRR R. Clark, Backup PM, NRR K. Gibson, NRR P. Milligan, NRR R. Kahler, NRR D. Kern, Senior Resident Inspector, DRP G. Smith, Resident Inspector, DRP B. Holian, DRP W. Lanning, DRS R. Crlenjak, DRS R. Conte, DRS, RI D. Screnci, Senior Public Affairs Officer, RI N. Sheehan, Field Public Affairs Officer, RI R. Bores, ORA G. Matakas, ORA OEWEB OEMAIL PMNS NRCWEB DOCUMENT NAME: C:\ORPCheckout\FileNET\ML021190264.wpd After declaring this document An Official Agency Record it will be released to the Public.

To receive a copy of this document, indicate in the box: "C" = Copy without attachment/enclosure "E" = Copy with attachment/enclosure "N" = No copy 2)),&( 5,'56 5,'53   

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