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A University is a type of site where test nuclear reactors are located

 StateReactor type
AerotestCaliforniaTRIGA Mark I
Armed Forces Radiobiology Research InstituteMaryland
Berkeley Research ReactorCaliforniaTRIGA Mark III
Brigham Young University
Idaho State UniversityIdahoAGN-201#103
Kansas State UniversityKansasTRIGA Mark II
MIT Nuclear Research ReactorMassachusetts
Neely Research ReactorGeorgia
North Carolina State UniversityNorth CarolinaPulstar
Ohio State UniversityOhioPool
Oregon State UniversityOregonTRIGA Mark II
Purdue UniversityIndiana
Reed CollegeOregonTRIGA Mark I
Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteNew YorkCritical Assembly
Rhode Island Atomic Energy CommissionRhode IslandGE Pool
Texas A&M UniversityTexasAGN-201M#106
University of BuffaloNew YorkPool
University of California - IrvineCaliforniaTRIGA Mark I
University of FloridaFloridaArgonaut
University of IllinoisIllinoisTRIGA Mark II
University of IowaIowa
University of LowellMassachusettsGE Pool
University of MarylandMarylandTRIGA Mark I
University of MichiganMichigan
University of Missouri-ColumbiaMissouriTank
University of Missouri-RollaMissouriPool
University of New MexicoNew MexicoAGN-201M#112
University of Texas at AustinTexasTRIGA Mark II
University of UtahUtahTRIGA Mark I
University of WisconsinWisconsinTRIGA Mark I
Washington State UniversityWashingtonTRIGA Conversion
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