Traditional Enforcement Violation

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A Traditional Enforcement Violation (TEV) is a type of NRC finding used in lieu of using the normal Reactor Oversight Process; most typically for not performing a regulatory process properly (eg. Reportabilities).

Compare the violation with examples in the Enforcement Policy to determine if the violation rises to SL-IV or above and thus constitutes a non-minor traditional enforcement violation.

NoteNote: In addition, Traditional enforcement violations are not assessed for cross-cutting aspects.

impacted the regulatory process


  • Failure to provide complete and accurate information
  • Failure to receive prior NRC approval for changes in licensed activities
  • Failure to notify the NRC of changes in licensed activities
  • Failure to perform 10 CFR 50.59 analyses
  • Reporting failure, etc.

actual safety consequences


  • Actual onsite or offsite releases of radiation exceeding regulatory limits
  • Onsite or offsite radiation exposures exceeding regulatory limits
  • Accidental criticalities
  • Core damage
  • Loss of significant safety barriers
  • Loss of control of radiological material exceeding regulatory limits for public dose
  • Radiological emergencies

SL-IV or greater violation with no associated performance deficiency

Circumstances may arise where enforcement discretion should be considered or exercised to either escalate or mitigate enforcement sanctions or otherwise refrain from taking enforcement action for a particular violation. The Enforcement Policy and Enforcement Manual describe situations where this may apply. Specific circumstances may include:

  • Specific cases for which temporary Enforcement Guidance Memoranda prescribes enforcement discretion
  • Non-minor violations absent a performance deficiency
  • Violations identified during extended shutdowns or work stoppages
  • Violations involving old design issues
  • Violations identified because of previous enforcement action
  • Violations involving certain discrimination issues

For example: ISFSI facilities are not subject to the SDP and are not subject to the Reactor Oversight Process, so violations identified at ISFSIs are assessed using traditional enforcement.

Additional Inspection

A TEV falls under three categories: actual consequences, willfulness, or the potential for impacting the regulatory process.

IP 92723, 3 Level IV TEV

This procedure provides the follow up for three or more Severity Level (SL) IV violations when all occur within a single traditional enforcement area of willfulness, impeding the regulatory process or actual consequence during any 12-month period.

IP 92722, 2 Level III or a I or II TEV

This procedure provides the follow up response for the following:

  • Any Severity Level I and II violation in the traditional enforcement areas of willfulness, impeding the regulatory process or actual consequence.
  • Two or more Severity Level III violations in the traditional enforcement areas of willfulness, impeding the regulatory process or actual consequence in any 12 month period.


05000275/FIN-2018404-03Severity level IVDiablo CanyonLicensee-Identified Violation
05000369/FIN-2018003-01Severity level IVMcGuireFailure to Adequately Document the Basis for a Change to the Emergency Plan
05000287/FIN-2018003-03Severity level IVOconeeMain Steam Relief Valve As-Found Lift Pressure Prohibited by Technical Specifications
05000237/FIN-2018003-02Severity level IVDresdenLicensee-Identified Violation
05000266/FIN-2018003-01Severity level IVPoint BeachFailure to Perform Evaluations to Ensure that the Fabrication of Dry Cask Storage Systems Meets the Requirements of the Loading Certificate of Compliance
05000313/FIN-2018003-03Severity level IVArkansas NuclearFailure to Provide Complete and Accurate Information in a License Amendment Request to Change Emergency Action Level Requirements
05000482/FIN-2018003-02Severity level IVWolf CreekFailure to Submit a Licensee Event Report for a Condition Prohibited by Technical Specifications
05000296/FIN-2018003-01Severity level IVBrowns FerryMain Steam Relief Valves Lift Settings Outside of Technical Specifications Required Setpoints
05000298/FIN-2018003-01Severity level IVCooperFailure to Provide Complete and Accurate Information in a License Amendment Request
05000390/FIN-2018003-06Severity level IVWatts BarLicensee-Identified Violation
05000348/FIN-2018003-01Severity level IVFarleyUnit 1 Pressurizer Safety Valve Lift Pressure Outside of Technical Specification Tolerance Band
05000446/FIN-2018011-01Severity level IIIComanche PeakFailure to Maintain a Quality Record Complete and Accurate in All Material Respects
05000269/FIN-2018003-02Severity level IVOconeeFailure to Make a 60 Day Notification of an Actuation of an Emergency AC Power Source
05000528/FIN-2018008-03Severity level IVPalo VerdeLicensee-Identified Violation
05000269/FIN-2018003-01Severity level IVOconeeFailure to Maintain the Effectiveness of the Emergency Plan
05000254/FIN-2018003-02Severity level IVQuad CitiesFailure to Follow Procedures for Forced Helium Dehydration of a Multipurpose Canister
05000443/FIN-2018003-01Severity level IVSeabrookPressurizer Safety Valve Outside of Technical Specification Limits
05000348/FIN-2018014-01Severity level IVFarleyFailure to Complete System Operator Rounds as Required per Procedures
05000369/FIN-2018002-01Severity level IVMcGuireLicensee-Identified Violation
05000400/FIN-2018002-03Severity level IVHarrisFailure to Adequately Document Changes to the Emergency Plan
05000333/FIN-2018411-02Severity level IVFitzPatrickSecurity
05000482/FIN-2018002-01Severity level IVWolf CreekAnnouncement of an NRC Inspectors Presence by Station Personnel
05000269/FIN-2018002-02Severity level IVOconeeFailure to Coordinate a No-later-than Arrival Time for the Shipment of a Category 2 Quantity of Radioactive Material
05000293/FIN-2018002-03Severity level IVPilgrim480V Bus B6 Auto Transfer Function Degraded Due to Time Delay Relay Failure
05000286/FIN-2018002-01Severity level IVIndian PointReactor Pressure Boundary Leakage Due to Weld Failure in Reactor Vessel Head Penetration #3
05000348/FIN-2018014-02Severity level IVFarleyFailure to Provide Complete and Accurate Information Related to System Operator Rounds
05000458/FIN-2018012-04Severity level IVRiver BendFailure to Submit a Licensee Event Report for a Manual Scram
05000390/FIN-2018002-02Severity level IVWatts BarLicensee-Identified Violation
05000458/FIN-2018012-07Severity level IVRiver BendFailure to Perform 10 CFR 50.59 Evaluation for Main Feedwater System Sparger Nozzle Damage
05000458/FIN-2018002-01Severity level IVRiver BendFailure to Correct Inadequate Technical Specification Pressure Temperature Curves
05000296/FIN-2018002-02Severity level IVBrowns FerryInoperable Residual Heat Removal (RHR) Pump Results in Condition Prohibited by Technical Specifications
05000397/FIN-2018401-01Severity level IVColumbiaSecurity
05000254/FIN-2018001-01Severity level IVQuad CitiesRepeat Use of Written Exams During Licensed Operator Requalification Examinations
05000498/FIN-2018001-03Severity level IVSouth TexasLicensee-Identified Violation
05000397/FIN-2018401-02Severity level IVColumbiaSecurity
05000382/FIN-2018001-01Severity level IVWaterfordFailure to Obtain NRC Staff Authorization Prior to Changing a Procedure that Impacts Implementation of Technical Specifications
05000440/FIN-2018001-01Severity level IVPerryFailure to Notify the NRC within 60 Days of a Condition Prohibited by Technical Specifications
05000498/FIN-2018001-04Severity level IVSouth TexasLicensee-Identified Violation
05000219/FIN-2018001-01Severity level IVOyster CreekUntimely Licensee Event Report for Reportable Conditions Associated with the No. 2 Emergency Diesel Generator
05000416/FIN-2017007-04Severity level IVGrand GulfFailure to Update the Final Safety Analys is Report
05000461/FIN-2017004-04Severity level IVClintonFailure to Perform an Evaluation in Accordance with 10 CFR 72.48 for Changes Made to the Time-to-Boil Calculation
05000348/FIN-2017009-01Severity level IVFarleyFailure to Report a Condition Which was Prohibited by Technical Specifications
05000331/FIN-2017004-02Severity level IVDuane ArnoldFailure to Evaluate Site Fire and Explosion Hazards in Accordance with 10 CFR 72.212(b) (6)
05000382/FIN-2017008-03Severity level IVWaterfordTwo Examples of Failure to Submit and Receive Prior Authorization of Alternatives to ASME OM Code Leak Testing Requirements
05000498/FIN-2017010-02Severity level IVSouth TexasFailure to Perform Required 50.54(q) Evaluations prior to Implementing Changes to the Emergency Plan
05000272/FIN-2017003-01Severity level IVSalemExpiration of Periodic Inservice Testing of 14 Service Water Pump
05000400/FIN-2017003-01Severity level IVHarrisIncomplete and Inaccurate Emergency Action Level Submittals
05000341/FIN-2017003-01Severity level IVFermiFailure to Satisfy 10 CFR 50.73 Reporting Requirements for Primary Containment Isolation Valve Actuations
05000250/FIN-2017007-09Severity level IVTurkey PointFailure to Update the UFSAR with the Latest Information Developed
05000346/FIN-2017003-04Severity level IVDavis BesseFailure to Perform 10 CFR 50.59 Evaluation
... further results