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 SiteStart dateTitleDescription
ML19059A440Arkansas Nuclear28 February 2019Steam Generator Tube Inspection Report
ML19037A40528 February 2019NUREG-1307, Rev. 17 Report on Waste Burial Changes - Changes in Decommissioning Waste Disposal Costs at Low-Level Waste Burial Facilities.
ML19059A327Fermi28 February 2019Fermi 2 Power Plant - Submittal of the Inservice Inspection / Nondestructive Examination Program Relief Requests for the Fourth Ten-year Interval
ML18233A37028 February 2019IP 72304 AP1000 Startup Test Inspections
ML19056A133Wolf Creek27 February 2019Review of the Spring 2018 Steam Generator Tube Inservice Inspection Report
ML19059A425Nuclear Energy Institute26 February 2019NEI 04-02 Rev 3R (NRC FAQ Comments to NEI) Final
ML19052A004Oconee26 February 2019Review of Steam Generator Inservice Inspection Report for Unit 3 End of Cycle 29 Refueling Outage
ML18348B206Beaver Valley25 February 2019Issuance of Amendment No. 193 Revise Steam Generator Technical Specifications
ML19053A544Summer22 February 2019Virgil C. Summer Nuclear Station (Vcsns), Unit 1 - Supplemental Letter to License Amendment Request - LAR-16-00644 License Amendment Request - Revise Reactor Coolant System Operational Leakage Technical Specification Surveillance Requiremen
ML19052A610Summer21 February 2019Virgil C. Summer Nuclear Station (Vcsns), Unit 1 - Inservice Inspection (ISI) Owner'S Activity Report (OAR) for Refueling Outage 24