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 SiteStart dateTitleDescription
ML19058A221Hope Creek27 February 2019Hope Creek, Application to Revise Technical Specifications to Adopt TSTF-546, Revise APRM Channel Adjustment Surveillance Requirement.
ML19063A496MIT Nuclear Research Reactor27 February 2019Further Follow-Up Response Regarding TS 3.2.3 to Request for Additional Information for the License Amendment Request to Upgrade the Nuclear Safety System at the Mit Reactor, License R-37, Docket No. 50-20
ENS 53896Perry25 February 2019 05:24:00Automatic Reactor Scram Due to Generator TripAt 0024 EST on 2/25/19, with Unit 1 in Mode 1 at 74 percent power, the reactor automatically tripped due to a generator trip. The trip was not complex, with all systems responding normally post-trip. Operations responded and stabilized the plant. Reactor water level is being maintained via the feed system. Decay heat is being removed by discharging steam to the main condenser using the turbine bypass valves. Due to the Reactor Protection System actuation while critical, this event is being reported as a four-hour, non-emergency notification per 10 CFR 50.72(b)(2)(iv)(B). There was no impact on the health and safety of the public or plant personnel. The NRC Resident Inspector has been notified. The generator trip is under investigation, but is believed to be due to grid perturbations.
ML19052A161Millstone14 February 2019Changes to Technical Specification Bases
14 February 2019Braidwood Station, Units 1 & 2 and Byron Station, Units 1 & 2 - Supplement to Application to Revise Technical Specifications to Adopt Risk Informed Completion Times
ML19025A288LaSalle14 February 2019Lasalle 1 & 2 Issuance of Amendments to Renewed Facility Operating Licenses Revision of Technical Specifications to Adopt TSTF-334-A
IR 05000387/2018004Susquehanna13 February 2019Susquehanna Steam Electric Station - Integrated Inspection Report 05000387/2018004 and 05000388/2018004
IR 05000293/2018004Pilgrim13 February 2019Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station - Integrated Inspection Report 05000293/2018004 and Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation Report 07201044/2018201
ML19058A106Nine Mile Point12 February 2019Submittal of 1O CFR 50.59 Evaluation Summary
ML19039A354Callaway8 February 2019RAI Questions and Responses