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 SiteStart dateTitleDescription
ML19105B171Salem31 May 2019Issuance of Amendment Nos. 329 and 310 Revise Reactor Trip System and Engineered Safety Feature Actuation System Instrumentation, Main Steam Isolation Valves, and Add New TS
NMP2L2699, License Amendment Request to Revise Technical Specifications Main Steam Isolation Valve Leak RateNine Mile Point31 May 2019License Amendment Request to Revise Technical Specifications Main Steam Isolation Valve Leak Rate
ML19100A122Wolf Creek31 May 2019Issuance of Amendment No. 221 License Amendment Request for Transition to Westinghouse Core Design and Safety Analyses Including Adoption of Alternative Source Term (CAC No. MF9307, EPID L-2017-LLA-0211)
ML19143A342North Anna29 May 2019Inservice Inspection Alternative Request N2-I4-LMT-003
IR 05000237/2019301Dresden29 May 2019NRC Initial License Examination Report 05000237/2019301 and 05000249/2019301
ML19085A525Palo Verde29 May 2019Issuance of Amendments Nos. 209, 209, and 209 - Regarding Adoption of Risk Informed Completion Times in Technical Specifications (CAC Nos. MF6576, MF6577, and MF6578; EPID L-2015-LLA-0001)
RA-19-0240, Response to Request for Additional Information Regarding Advanced Framatome Methodologies License Amendment RequestBrunswick29 May 2019Response to Request for Additional Information Regarding Advanced Framatome Methodologies License Amendment Request
ENS 54091Arkansas Nuclear26 May 2019 10:12:00Automatic Reactor Trip Due to a Reactor Coolant Pump Trip on Ground FaultThis is a 4-hour Non-Emergency 10 CFR 50.72(b)(2)(iv)(B) notification due to a Plant Protection System (PPS) actuation. Arkansas Nuclear One, Unit 2, automatically tripped from 100 percent power at 0512 CDT. The reactor automatically tripped due to 2P-32B Reactor Coolant Pump tripping as a result of grounding. No additional equipment issues were noted. All control rods fully inserted. Emergency Feedwater (EFW) actuated and was utilized to maintain Steam Generator (SG) levels. The EFW actuation meets the 8-hour Non-Emergency Immediate Notification Criteria of 10 CFR 50.72(b)(3)(iv)(A). No Primary safety valves lifted. Main Steam Safety Valves (MSSVs) did lift initially after the trip. The NRC Resident Inspector has been notified. Decay heat is being removed via the steam dump valves to the main condenser. Unit 2 is in a normal shutdown electrical lineup. Unit 1 was not affected by the transient on Unit 2. The licensee notified the State of Arkansas."
ENS 54087Wolf Creek24 May 2019 18:10:00Loss of Offsite Power Due to Fire on Startup TransformerAt 1310 CDT on 5/24/2019, Wolf Creek experienced a loss of offsite power to the safety-related NB02 bus, due to an external fire on a bushing on the startup transformer. The NB02 bus was reenergized when the 'B' Emergency Diesel Generator started and the output breaker automatically closed. The shutdown sequencer automatically started equipment as expected. Due to the undervoltage condition on the NB02 bus, an AFAS-T (Auxiliary Feedwater Actuation Signal) signal was generated which started the turbine driven auxiliary feedwater pump. Turbine load was reduced to maintain reactor power less than 100% in response to the start of turbine driven and 'B' motor driven auxiliary feedwater pumps. The fire was extinguished using a fire extinguisher at 1320 CDT. The unit is stable at 97% power. The NB02 bus remains on the 'B' Emergency Diesel Generator (EDG). The other EDG is operable in standby. The NRC Resident Inspector was notified.
ENS 54077Watts Bar22 May 2019 06:33:00Manual Reactor Trip Due to Failure of Main Feedwater Regulating ValveOn May 22, 2019, at 0233 EDT, Watts Bar Nuclear Plant (WBN) Unit 2 reactor was manually tripped due to a failure of the #2 Main Feedwater Regulating Valve during power ascension following a refueling outage. Concurrent with the reactor trip, the Auxiliary Feedwater system actuated as designed. All Control and Shutdown rods fully inserted. All safety systems responded as designed. The unit is currently stable in Mode 3, with decay heat removal via Auxiliary Feedwater and Steam Dumps. Unit 2 is in a normal shutdown electrical alignment. This reactor trip and system actuation is being reported under 10 CFR 50.72(b)(3)(iv)(A) and 10 CFR 50.72(b)(2)(iv)(B). There was no impact to WBN Unit 1. The NRC Senior Resident has been notified."