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 SiteStart dateTitleDescription
ML18310A072River Bend30 November 2018NUREG-1437, Supplement 58, Generic Environment Impact Statement for License Renewal of Nuclear Plants Supplement 58 Regarding River Bend Station, Unit 1, Final Report
ML18320A019Vogtle30 November 2018Vogtle Electric Generating Plant, Units 1 and 2 - Relief Request Regarding Examination Coverage for Certain ASME Code Class 2 Category Welds (VEGP-ISI-RR-05) (EPID L-2018-LLR-0082)
ML18247A538Seabrook27 November 2018Seabrook Station, Unit No. 1 - Issuance of Amendment No. 158 Removing Requirement to Perform Certain Surveillance Requirements During Shutdown and Changes to Administrative Technical Specifications (EPID L-2017-LLA-0407)
ML18289A378Point Beach26 November 2018Point Beach Nuclear Plant, Units 1 and 2 - Issuance of Amendments to Adopt Title 10 of Code of Federal Regulations 50.69, Risk Informed Categorization and Treatment of Structures, Systems and Components for Nuclear Power Reactors
ENS 53745Robinson19 November 2018 05:00:00Emergency Diesel Generator Actuation Due to Low Voltage SignalOn 11/19/2018, at 1916 EST, with unit 2 in Mode 5 at 0 percent power, an actuation of the 'B' (Emergency Diesel Generator) EDG occurred during troubleshooting activities with the opposite train protected. The reason for the 'B' EDG auto-start was low voltage on the E-2 bus due to its supply breaker opening. The 'B' EDG automatically started as designed when the low voltage signal was received. Following the EDG start, required loads sequenced on as designed including the 'B' (Motor Driven Auxiliary Feedwater Pump) MDAFW Pump. This event is being reported in accordance with 10 CFR 50.72(b)(3)(iv)(A) as an event that results in a valid actuation of the Emergency AC Electrical Power System (Emergency Diesel Generator) and Auxiliary Feedwater System (Motor Driven Auxiliary Feedwater Pump). There was no impact on the health and safety of the public or plant personnel. The NRC Resident Inspector has been notified."
NL-18-130, Browns Ferry, Units 1, 2, and 3, Sequoyah, Units 1 and 2, Watts Bar, Units 1 and 2, Revised Application to Modify the Technical Specifications for Unbalanced Voltage RelaysBrowns Ferry
Watts Bar
19 November 2018Browns Ferry, Units 1, 2, and 3, Sequoyah, Units 1 and 2, Watts Bar, Units 1 and 2, Revised Application to Modify the Technical Specifications for Unbalanced Voltage Relays
IR 05000482/2018010Wolf Creek14 November 2018Wolf Creek Generating Station - NRC Design Bases Assurance (Teams) Inspection Report 05000482/2018010
ML18255A360Turkey Point14 November 2018Turkey Point Nuclear Generating Unit Nos. 3 and 4 - Issuance of Amendments Regarding Technical Specifications Changes to Address Non-Conservative Actions for Containment and Control Room Ventilation Functions (EPID L-2017-LLA-0425)
IR 05000272/2018003Salem13 November 2018Salem Nuclear Generating Station, Unit Nos. 1 and 2 - Integrated Inspection Report 05000272/2018003 and 05000311/2018003
ML18213A369Ginna13 November 2018R.E. Ginna, Issuance of Amendment No. 132 Revise Technical Specifications 3.3.1, Reactor Trip System Instrumentation, and 3.3.2, Engineered Safety Feature Actuation System Instrumentation (EPID L-2017-LLA-0388)