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 TitleSiteReactor type 
05000251/LER-2015-001Automatic Auxiliary Feedwater System Actuation during a Planned Reactor TripTurkey PointWestinghouse PWR 3-Loop
05000251/LER-2015-002Reactor Trip Resulting From Generator Differential LockoutTurkey PointWestinghouse PWR 3-Loop
05000251/LER-2017-001Manual Reactor Trip Due to Lowering Steam Generator Level Caused by Loss of Flow Regulating Valve Positioner Control
LER 17-001-00 for Turkey Point, Unit 4, Regarding Manual Reactor Trip Due to Lowering Steam Generator Level Caused by Loss of Flow Regulating Valve Positioner Control
Turkey PointWestinghouse PWR 3-Loop
05000255/LER-2015-001Automatic Reactor Trip Results from a Turbine Trip Initiated from the Digital Electro-Hydraulic Control SystemPalisadesCE
05000261/LER-2006-001Manual Reactor Trip Due to Failure of a Turbine Governor Valve Electro-Hydraulic Control CardDocket Number
05000261/LER-2008-002Manual Reactor Trip due to High Turbine VibrationsDocket Number
05000261/LER-2010-007Reactor Trip Due to a Degraded Connection on a Circuit Board in the Electro-Hydraulic Control CabinetDocket Number
05000261/LER-2010-009Reactor Trip due to Motor Fault on the 'C' Reactor Coolant Pump, and Actuation of Auxiliary Feedwater Signal and Override of Feedwater Isolation Function due to Inadequate Post-trip Procedure GuidanceDocket Number
05000261/LER-2011-002Reactor Trip Due to a Failed Relay Coil on RCP-3-X(B) and actuation of Auxiliary Feedwater SystemRobinsonWestinghouse PWR 3-Loop
05000261/LER-2012-004Reactor Tripped Due to a Turbine Trip Caused by a Feedwater Isolation Signal from Steam Generator 'B' High LevelDocket Number
05000261/LER-2013-002Automatic Actuation of the Auxiliary Feedwater System Due to Main Feed Pump TripRobinsonWestinghouse PWR 3-Loop
05000261/LER-2013-003Reactor Trip on 4KV Bus Undervoltage During Load TransferRobinsonWestinghouse PWR 3-Loop
05000261/LER-2014-001Reactor Trip Due to a Two-out-of-Three Logic Signal from Steam Generator Water Level Protection Train B Logic MatrixRobinsonWestinghouse PWR 3-Loop
05000261/LER-2016-004Reactor Trip During The Performance of a Visual Inspection of The Main Turbine Trip BlockRobinsonWestinghouse PWR 3-Loop
05000266/LER-2005-008Docket Number
05000266/LER-2007-004Docket Number
05000266/LER-2015-002Manual Reactor TripPoint BeachWestinghouse PWR 2-Loop
05000269/LER-2004-001Unit Shutdown due to Reactor Coolant Leak Above Technical Specification LimitsOconee Nuclear Station
05000272/FIN-2010003-0221 Steam Generator Feed Pump TripSalemWestinghouse PWR 4-Loop
05000272/LER-2001-008Salem Unit 1 - Manual Reactor TripSalem Generating Station Unit 1
05000272/LER-2002-004Manual Reactor Trip and Automatic Auxiliary Feedwater Actuation on Low Steam Generator Level due to Feedwater Pump RunbackSalem Generating Station Unit 1
05000272/LER-2002-005Unexpected Auto-Start of Turbine Driven Auxiliary Feedwater Pump at Start of Refueling OutageSalem Unit 1
05000272/LER-2007-001ESF Actuation of Auxiliary Feedwater Pumps in Mode 3.Docket Number
05000272/LER-2010-005Automatic Reactor Trip Due to Actuation of The Generator Protection Relay
05000272/LER-2011-003Manual Reactor Trip Due to Degraded Condenser Heat RemovalSalemWestinghouse PWR 4-Loop
05000272/LER-2014-002Manual Reactor Trip Due to Loss of the 11 Steam Generator Feedwater PumpSalemWestinghouse PWR 4-Loop
05000272/LER-2014-003Reactor Trip Due to Actuation of Generator ProtectionSalemWestinghouse PWR 4-Loop
05000272/LER-2014-004Reactor Trip Due to Actuation of Generator ProtectionSalemWestinghouse PWR 4-Loop
05000272/LER-2014-006Manual Reactor Trip Due to Main Power Transformer Low Oil LevelSalemWestinghouse PWR 4-Loop
05000280/LER-2003-001Document Number
05000280/LER-2005-001Manual Reactor Trip Initiated Due to Misaligned Control RodDocket Numbersequential Rev
05000280/LER-2008-001Turbine Vibration Results in Manual TripSurry Power Station
05000280/LER-2010-003Loss of Vital Bus Due to Human Error Results in Automatic Reactor TripDocket Ni Imfiersequential Rev
05000281/LER-2002-003Document Numbersequential Revisionmonth Day Year Year Month Day Year 05000-Number Number
05000281/LER-2004-001Switchyard Device Failure Results in a Reactor Trip 05000Document Number
05000281/LER-2009-001Manual Reactor Trip Initiated to Replace a Rod Control Data Logging CardDocket Number
05000281/LER-2014-002Reactor Trip Due to Loose Termination on Reactor Trip RelaySurryWestinghouse PWR 3-Loop
05000281/LER-2016-001Unit 2 Reactor Trip due to Generator Differential Lockout
LER 16-001-00 for Surry Power Station, Unit 2, Regarding Reactor Trip Due to Generator Differential Lockout
SurryWestinghouse PWR 3-Loop
05000282/LER-2002-002Docket Number
05000282/LER-2011-002Unit 1 Reactor Manually Tripped In Response to An Inadvertent Turbine Stop Valve ClosurePrairie IslandWestinghouse PWR 2-Loop