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 Entered dateEvent description
ENS 5467822 April 2020 18:46:00A licensed operator had a confirmed positive for alcohol during a random fitness-for-duty test. The individual's unescorted access has been terminated.
ENS 5462127 March 2020 15:18:00The following is a summary of information obtained from Palo Verde via email: During pre-installation testing, five Masoneilan Model transducers were identified as unable to be calibrated prior to installation. These transducers were received by the vendor as safety-related components and are used to provide remote control operation of the Atmospheric Dump Valves (ADVs). The ADVs provide a safety grade method for cooling the unit to Shutdown Cooling System entry conditions, should Palo Verde's preferred heat sink via the Steam Bypass Control System to the condenser and/or atmosphere not be available. The transducer receives a 4-20 mA signal and translates it to a 3-15 psi output to the ADV positioner. This is accomplished by varying the supply air from 23-30 psi down to the appropriate 3-15 psi signal. Palo Verde provided an Interim 10 CFR 21 Report for the five Masoneilan Model 8005N transducers, Part 21 log number 2019-36-00, ML 19323C971, which was submitted by Arizona Public Service (APS) Company on November 15, 2019. An evaluation of the transducers was completed on March 19, 2020. The evaluation concluded that the inability of the transducers to be calibrated represented a defect. The licensees affected are undetermined at this time. Palo Verde has been in communication with the vendor. The vendor has currently not provided an extent of condition. Point of Contact: Lorraine Weaver (602) 448-5915
ENS 545706 March 2020 14:19:00A non-licensed contract supervisor had a confirmed positive for a controlled substance during an initial Fitness For Duty screening test. The individuals plant access has been terminated. The NRC Resident Inspector has been notified.
ENS 543094 October 2019 15:45:00On March 3, 2019, during overhaul activities of the medium voltage power (Magne-blast) circuit breakers, three General Electric Hitachi (GEH) Stationary Primary Contact Fingers Q0114C5382P002 were identified as having contact surfaces with a finish that was rough and unlike the typically smooth finish provided on electrical contact surfaces. These Stationary Primary Contact Fingers are the primary current carrying device for the circuit breaker. On October 1, 2019, Arizona Public Service Company (APS) completed an evaluation of a deviation, and concluded the condition represented a defect under 10 CFR 21. On October 4, 2019, the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station Vice President, Nuclear Engineering, was notified of a defect of GEH Stationary Primary Contact Fingers which met the reporting criteria of 10 CFR 21.21. There are no medium voltage power (Magne-blast) circuit breakers with stationary primary contact fingers impacted by this condition installed in the plant. APS concluded this condition, if installed, could result in the breaker failing to perform its safety function and thus could create a substantial safety hazard. The NRC resident inspector has been informed.