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TSTF-477Add Action for Two Inoperable Control Room AC Subsystems510
TSTF-266Eliminate the Remote Shutdown System Table of Instrumentation and Controls410
TSTF-142Increase the Completion Time When the Core Reactivity Balance is Not within Limit410
TSTF-272Refueling Boron Concentration Clarification422
TSTF-287Ventilation System Envelope Allowed Outage Time420
TSTF-500DC Electrical Rewrite - Update to TSTF-360453
TSTF-408Relocation of Ltop Enabletemperature and PORV Lift Setting to the PTLR - CE NPSD-683400
TSTF-421Revision to RCP Flywheel Inspection Program - WCAP-15666440
TSTF-358Missed Surveillance Requirements300
TSTF-431Change in Technical Specifications End States - BAW-2441310
TSTF-299Administrative Controls Program 5.5.2.B Test Interval and Exception310
TSTF-110Delete SR Frequencies Based on Inoperable Alarms310
TSTF-286Define Operations Involving Positive Reactivity Additions382
TSTF-349Add Note to LCO 3.9.5 Allowing Shutdown Cooling Loops Removal from Operation310
TSTF-478BWR Technical Specification Changes That Implement the Revised Rule for Combustible Gas Control320
TSTF-352Provide Consistent Completion Time to Reach Mode 4310
TSTF-285Charging Pump Swap Ltop Allowance301
TSTF-547Clarification of Rod Position Requirements310
TSTF-432Change in Technical Specifications End States - WCAP-16294330
TSTF-486Revise Mtc Surveillance for Startup Test Activity Reduction (STAR) Program (WCAP-16011)350
TSTF-406Predicting END-OF-CYCLE Mtc and Deleting Need for END-OF-CYCLE Mtc Verifiation (NPSD-911-A)340
TSTF-118Administrative Controls Program Exceptions200
TSTF-438Clarify Exception Notes to Be Consistent with the Requirement Being Excepted200
TSTF-482Correct LCO 3.0.6 Bases200
TSTF-467Add Restriction for Lowest LOOP Tave During Mode 2 Physics Testing200
TSTF-276Revise DG Full Load Rejection Test210
TSTF-434Clarifying SR 3.0.1 Bases to State That Surveillance CAN Be Performed in Steps200
TSTF-400Clarify SR on Bypass of DG Automatic Trips220
TSTF-315Reduce Plant Trips Due to Spurious Signals to the Nis During Physics Testing200
TSTF-411Surveillance Test Interval Extensions for Components of the Reactor Protection System - WCAP-15376-P240
TSTF-306Add Action to LCO to Give Option to Isolate the Penetration220
TSTF-446Risk Informed Evaluation of Extensions to Containment Isolation Valve Completion Times - WCAP-15791200
TSTF-233Relocate Ltop Arming Temperature to PTLR200
TSTF-245AFW Train Operable When in Service200
TSTF-197Require Containment Closure When Shutdown Cooling Requirements Are Not Met200
TSTF-222Control Rod SCRAM Time Testing210
TSTF-422Change in Technical Specifications End States - CE NPSD-1186220
TSTF-348Cancellation of NRC Environmental Monitoring Program with States200
TSTF-416SR Notation200
TSTF-101Change AFW Pump Testing Frequency to Be in Accordance with the Inservice Testing Program100
TSTF-440Eliminate Bases Requirement for Performing a System Walkdown100
TSTF-268Revise the Frequency of SR 3. 7.5.5, Afw/Efw Flow Path Verification101
TSTF-279Remove Applicable Supports from Inservice Testing Program110
TSTF-325ECCS Conditions and Required Actions with < 100 Percent Equivalent ECCS Flow100
TSTF-313Eliminate Requirement for DG Start from Standby Conditions100
TSTF-361Allow Standby Sdc/Rhr/Dhr LOOP to Inoperable to Support Testing100
TSTF-255Change Title of Spent Fuel Assembly Storage to Spent Fuel Pool Storage100
TSTF-508Revise Control Room Habitability Actions to Address Lessons Learned from TSTF-448 Implementation131
TSTF-205Revision of Channel Calibration, Channel Functional Test, and Related Definitions100
TSTF-235MSSV Changes100