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TSTF-425Relocate Surveillance Frequencies to Licensee Control - RITSTF Initiative 5B79376
TSTF-448Control Room Habitability56102
TSTF-510Revision to Steam Generator Program Inspection Frequencies and Tube Sample Selection3593
TSTF-523Generic Letter 2008-01, Managing Gas Accumulation33240
TSTF-493Clarify Application of Setpoint Methodology for LSSS Functions31204
TSTF-545TS Inservice Testing (IST) Program Removal22102
TSTF-511Eliminate Working Hour Restrictions from TS 5.2.2 to Support Compliance with 10 CFR Part 2619181
TSTF-479Changes to Reflect Revision of 10 CFR 50.55A18130
TSTF-497Limit Inservice Testing Program SR 3.0.2 Application to Frequencies of 2 Years or Less1790
TSTF-522Revise Ventilation System Surveillance Requirements to Operate for 10 Hours PER Month1790
TSTF-449Steam Generator Tube Integrity1451
TSTF-513Revise Operability Requirements and Actions for RCS Leakage Instrumentation1370
TSTF-427Allowance for Non Technical Specification Barrier Degradation on Supported System Operability1351
TSTF-475Control Rod Notch Testing Frequency and SRM Insert Control Rod Action13170
TSTF-439Eliminate Second Completion Times Limiting Time from Discovery of Failure to Meet an LCO1372
TSTF-363Revise Topical Report References in ITS 5.6.5, Colr1230
TSTF-360DC Electrical Rewrite1244
TSTF-490Deletion of E BAR Definition and Revision to RCS Specific Activity Tech Spec12101
TSTF-447Elimination of Hydrogen Recombiners and Change to Hydrogen and Oxygen Monitors1150
TSTF-491Removal of Main Steam and Main Feedwater Valve Isolation Times from Technical Specifications1060
TSTF-505Provide RISK-INFORMED Extended Completion Times - RITSTF Initiative 4B10161
TSTF-372Addition of LCO 3.0.8, Inoperability of Snubbers1070
TSTF-529Clarify Use and Application Rules920
TSTF-501Relocate Stored Fuel Oil and Lube Oil Volume Values to Licensee Control9102
TSTF-340Allow 7 Day Completion Time for a TURBINE-DRIVEN AFW Pump Inoperable800
TSTF-426Revise or Add Actions to Preclude Entry Into LCO 3.0.3 - RITSTF Initiatives 6B and 6C710
TSTF-422Change in Technical Specifications End States - CE NPSD-1186620
TSTF-312Administratively Control Containment Penetrations650
TSTF-412Provide Actions for One Steam Supply to Turbine Driven Afw/Efw Pump Inoperable611
TSTF-343Containment Structural Integrity642
TSTF-284Add Met Vs. Perform to Specification 1.4, Frequency611
TSTF-258Changes to Section 5.0, Administrative Controls520
TSTF-283Modify Section 3.8 Mode Restriction Notes551
TSTF-485Correct Example 1.4-1540
TSTF-273SFDP Clarifications500
TSTF-163Minimum Vs. Steady State Voltage and Frequency510
TSTF-500DC Electrical Rewrite - Update to TSTF-360422
TSTF-269Allow Administrative Means of Position Verification for Locked or Sealed Valves410
TSTF-374Revision to TS 5.5.13 and Associated TS Bases for Diesel Fuel Oil400
TSTF-276Revise DG Full Load Rejection Test410
TSTF-400Clarify SR on Bypass of DG Automatic Trips410
TSTF-352Provide Consistent Completion Time to Reach Mode 4300
TSTF-308Determination of Cumulative and Projected Dose Contributions in Recp311
TSTF-285Charging Pump Swap Ltop Allowance301
TSTF-299Administrative Controls Program 5.5.2.B Test Interval and Exception310
TSTF-408Relocation of Ltop Enabletemperature and PORV Lift Setting to the PTLR - CE NPSD-683310
TSTF-359Increase Flexibility in Mode Restraints310
TSTF-330Allowed Outage Time - Ultimate Heat Sink200
TSTF-508Revise Control Room Habitability Actions to Address Lessons Learned from TSTF-448 Implementation221
TSTF-406Predicting END-OF-CYCLE Mtc and Deleting Need for END-OF-CYCLE Mtc Verifiation (NPSD-911-A)210