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 Issue dateTitleTopic
EPID:L-2019-LLS-000019 November 2019
EPID:L-2019-LLA-020931 October 2019
EPID:L-2019-LLA-022831 October 2019
EPID:L-2019-LRM-006628 October 2019
EPID:L-2019-LLA-002024 October 2019DC Electrical Rewrite - Update to TSTF-360
DC Electrical Rewrite
EPID:L-2019-LRM-003812 September 2019Presentation Slides for 9/12/19 Public Meeting
EPID:L-2019-LRM-00609 September 2019TVA Presentation Slides: Watts Bar Nuclear Plant (WBN) Application to Modify WBN Unit 1 and Unit 2 Technical Specification (TS) 3.6.15, Shield Building - September 11, 2019
EPID:L-2019-LRM-003615 August 2019
EPID:L-2018-LLE-001225 July 2019
EPID:L-2019-LRM-003716 July 2019
EPID:L-2019-LRO-00148 July 2019
EPID:L-2019-LRM-003511 June 2019
EPID:L-2018-LLA-04947 June 2019DC Electrical Rewrite - Update to TSTF-360
DC Electrical Rewrite
EPID:L-2018-LLR-009012 April 2019
EPID:L-2018-LRM-009313 February 2019
EPID:L-2018-LLA-000228 January 2019
EPID:L-2019-LLR-000518 January 2019American Society of Mechanical Engineers Operation and Maintenance Code, Request for Alternatives RP 09 (Sqn)And IST-RR-6 (WBN)
EPID:L-2018-LLA-029331 October 2018Watts Bar, Unit 2, Application to Modify Operating License Condition Regarding the Actions to Resolve Issues Identified in NRC Bulletin 2012-01, Design Vulnerability in Electrical Power System (391-WBN-TS-18-15)
EPID:L-2018-LLA-027912 October 2018Relocate Surveillance Frequencies to Licensee Control - RITSTF Initiative 5B
Change AFW Pump Testing Frequency to Be in Accordance with the Inservice Testing Program
EPID:L-2018-LRM-00585 September 2018DC Electrical Rewrite - Update to TSTF-360
EPID:L-2017-LLA-028730 August 2018
EPID:L-2018-LLA-024727 August 2018Nc State University License Amendment Request for Fueled Experiments
EPID:L-2018-LLA-019717 August 2018
EPID:L-2018-LLA-02091 August 2018Eliminate the Remote Shutdown System Table of Instrumentation and Controls
CAC:MF987910 July 2018
EPID:L-2018-LLA-01878 July 2018Application to Modify Watts Bar Nuclear Plant Unit 1 Technical Specifications to Extend Surveillance Requirement,, and Specified Intervals (390-WBN-TS-2018-14)
EPID:L-2018-LLA-014327 June 2018
EPID:L-2018-LLA-016915 June 2018License Amendment Request to Change the Implementation Date for License Amendments to Upgrade Emergency Action Level Scheme
EPID:L-2017-LRM-00639 May 2018
EPID:L-2017-LLA-024730 April 2018Revise or Add Actions to Preclude Entry Into LCO 3.0.3 - RITSTF Initiatives 6B and 6C
CAC:MF789110 April 2018
EPID:L-2018-LLR-000621 March 2018
EPID:L-2018-LLA-00515 March 2018Application to Revise License Condition 2.C(4) PAD4TCD (391-WBN-TS-18-03)
EPID:L-2018-LLA-005028 February 2018Application to Modify Watts Bar Nuclear Plant, Units 1 and 2 Technical Specifications 3.8.9 Regarding Alternating Current (AC) Vital Buses (WBN-TS-17-19)
EPID:L-2018-LLA-049228 February 2018DC Electrical Rewrite - Update to TSTF-360
DC Electrical Rewrite
EPID:L-2018-LLR-000521 February 2018Relief Request MC-SRV-NS-02, Containment Narrow Range Pressure Inside Isolation Valve 2NSSV5550
EPID:L-2018-LRO-001016 February 2018Cycle 1 Steam Generator Tube Inspection Report
EPID:L-2018-LLA-000317 January 2018Watts Bar Nuclear Plant, Unit 2 - Public Notice of Application for Amendment to Facility Operating License (EPID L-2018-LLA-0003)
TAC:MC497910 January 2018
EPID:L-2017-JLD-000421 December 2017NRR E-mail Capture - (External_Sender) Ginna FE Audit Info Needs
EPID:L-2017-LRM-003820 December 2017
EPID:L-2017-LRO-005019 December 2017
EPID:L-2017-LLA-039112 December 2017Revised Application to Modify the Technical Specifications for Unbalanced Voltage Relays
EPID:L-2017-LLR-011418 October 2017
EPID:L-2016-LLA-003429 September 2017Clarification of Rod Position Requirements
EPID:L-2016-TOP-001128 September 2017Status Regarding the Improved Flood Mitigation System Project
CAC:MG022526 September 2017
CAC:MG02075 September 2017
CAC:MF799022 August 2017
CAC:MG00747 August 2017