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 Issue dateTitleTopic
EPID:L-2019-LLA-005111 December 2019Safety Limit MCPR to COLR
EPID:L-2019-LLR-000931 January 2019Relief Request Number EN-19-RR-1, Proposed Alternative to Use ASME Code Case N-831-1, Ultrasonic Examination in Lieu of Radiography for Welds in Ferritic or Austenitic Pipe Section XI, Division 1
EPID:L-2019-LLA-001331 January 2019Clarify Use and Application Rules
EPID:L-2019-LLA-000723 January 2019Clarify Application of Setpoint Methodology for LSSS Functions
EPID:L-2018-LLR-019730 November 2018Relief Request No. GG-ISI-023, Inservice Inspection Impracticality: Limited Coverage Examination During the Third 10-Year Inservice Inspection Interval
EPID:L-2018-LLM-000315 November 2018ISFSI, River Bend, Unit 1 & ISFSI, Waterford, Unit 3, & ISFSI, Grand Gulf, & ISFSI, Transfer of Control of License - Order Response
CAC:MF943826 September 2018
EPID:L-2018-LLA-010623 May 2018Relocate Surveillance Frequencies to Licensee Control - RITSTF Initiative 5B
CAC:MF98977 May 2018
EPID:L-2018-LLA-011627 April 2018(GGNS) - License Amendment Request: Adoption of Emergency Action Level Schemes Pursuant to NEI 99-01, Revision 6
EPID:L-2018-LLA-010510 April 2018Reactor Pressure Vessel Water Inventory Control
EPID:L-2018-LRM-002210 April 2018Tech Spec Change Pre-Submittal Meeting Presentation Slides
EPID:L-2018-LRO-001527 March 2018Formal Request for Review and Approval of Grand Gulf Nuclear Station'S Steam Dryer'S Long-term Inspection Plan and Baseline Results
EPID:L-2018-LLA-007226 March 2018Proposed Revision of Replacement of Turbine First Stage Pressure Signals with Power Range Neutron Monitoring System Signals
EPID:L-2017-FPR-000523 February 2018Package: Request for Additional Information Regarding Entergy Operations, Inc.'S Decommissioning Funding Plan Update
EPID:L-2017-LRO-005822 January 2018
EPID:L-2017-LLR-014117 November 2017Relief Request Number EN-17-RR-1 - Proposed Alternative to Use ASME Code Case N-513-4, Evaluation Criteria for Temporary Acceptance of Flaws in Moderate-Energy Class 2 or 3 Piping, Section XI, Division 1
CAC:MG011026 September 2017
CAC:MF991128 June 2017
CAC:MF974926 June 2017
EPID:L-2017-LLA-037123 June 2017NEI 17-02, Revision 0, Tornado Missile Risk Evaluator (TMRE) Industry Guidance Document
CAC:MF975225 May 2017
CAC:MF967726 April 2017
CAC:MG025931 March 2017
CAC:MG025831 March 2017
CAC:MF958829 March 2017
CAC:MF946015 March 2017
CAC:MF79302 March 2017
CAC:MF946129 December 2016
CAC:MF869226 October 2016
CAC:ME976418 October 2016
CAC:L2483026 September 2016
CAC:ME74936 September 2016
CAC:MF783210 August 2016
CAC:MF67334 August 2016
CAC:ME738512 July 2016
CAC:MF469326 May 2016
CAC:MF656625 May 2016
CAC:MF27988 February 2016
TAC:MF70557 February 2016
TAC:MF375018 December 2015
CAC:MF433814 December 2015
CAC:MF110224 November 2015
CAC:MF713520 November 2015
CAC:MF713320 November 2015
CAC:MF70866 November 2015
CAC:MF711715 September 2015
TAC:MF673315 September 2015
CAC:MF530318 August 2015
TAC:MF445031 July 2015